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The Necromancy & Magick of Hecate - Michael W Ford - The Luciferian Apotheca

The Necromancy & Magick of Hecate - Michael W Ford

A Video of Black Arte by Michael W. Ford with...
by Michael Ford on August 26, 2019

The Greater Sabbat of Beltane and Walpurgis Night By Michael W Ford

Walpurgisnacht (Walburga’s Night / Walpurgis Night) is a Germanic holiday which is celebrated at the same time as Beltane. Bonfires are kindled throughout the land with a celebration of life, fertility and renewal. May-Eve or April 30th (Walpurgis Night) onward to the 1st of May is the beginning of Summer and a time, like Samhain or Halloween, when the veil between the world of the living and the Otherworld are thin. The Spirits of the Dead, Ancestral Shades known as the Fae may communicate with ease to the living. The actual namesake of Walpurgis Night, Saint Walburga, has little to do with the modern Pagan and Magickial celebrations of the beginning of Summer.

The Germanic practice of Witchcraft around the 16th and 17th Century are remembered in the tales of the Witches Sabbat: the dreaming spirits of sorcerers, nocturnal gatherings in person along with ghosts and demons go forth to hidden places. The Sabbat is the carnal revelry of primal ecstasy, when the Maypole represents the Union of Sky and Earth, the raging passion of Satyrs and the Earth-Spirits who dwell beneath a shaded soil to protect the Oaks and wilderness.

by Michael Ford on April 12, 2018

Black Mirror Lilith/Lucifer Scrying Invocation with Michael W Ford

by Michael Ford on May 09, 2017

Anassa Eneroi: The Infernal Path of Hekate by Michael W. Ford

 In seeking the path of power in our cunning circle, you need not an initiator for all intents and purposes of the path. Seek this road yourself if you have been chosen, if your Daemon seeks to rise up from the abyssic pit of darkness within. Hecate Phosphorus[1] is the witch-mother which by her fire stirs up the dormant sleeper into the cultus of dreams, or nightmares to others[2]. She is both beneficial and malicious, her hunger is sated upon the blood of innocence: for she seeks to initiate and grow in her power. She is Anassa eneroi, the Goddess of the Dead so her wisdom is layered in varied avenues. Of the Daemonic, chthonic and necromantic; her origins are from the earliest Babylonian incantations and spoken hymns

by Michael Ford on July 20, 2012

Dragon of the Two Flames - Demonic Magick and the Gods of Canaan NOW AVAILABLE!

 'Dragon of the Two Flames' - Demonic Magick and the...
by Michael Ford on April 30, 2012

Publication Announcement: Dragon of the Two Flames

DRAGON OF THE TWO FLAMES Demonic Magick & Gods of...
by Michael Ford on April 06, 2012



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