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Figure Candles


 5" Ritual Black Skull Candle which stands 5" high and 3" at the widest point, this skull may be used for dark rites of empowerment with various Black Magical rites including also traditional witchcraft, sorcery, chaos magick, Luciferian, Satanism, etc. Skulls may be used in ritual workings for necromancy, spirit invocations, death energies, vampyrism, demonic magick, underworld/netherworld incantations, cursing, empowering. Empower...


 Devil figure candle stands 7" tall, the image of the Devil as Shaitan the Adversary, Ahriman the Pahlavi Adversary,  Melek Tauus the Peacock Angel or Iblis the Fiery Djinn represents human intelligence, free will and the passion to empower and seek wisdom in this world.  Black Devil - Independence, Individual thinking, initiation, darkness as representation of primal instinct of survival,...

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BLACK - Standing 7½" tall, this solid black candle in the shape of a human female is ideal for spellwork and other magical endeavors, especially as they relate to power and protection. Easily inscribable and annointable, these candles are a very potent ritual aid. Black is utilized for wisdom, primal desire and instinct, initiation and dream sorcery.