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Unlocking the

Unlocking the "Forbidden" Wisdom of the Fallen Angel SAMAEL

In this video, I will be exploring the Fallen Angel SAMAEL; his lore, origins, demonological knowledge and how Luciferians may seek to invoke and meditate upon the Sitra Ahra, the Shadow Tree of the Abyss, known as the Qliphoth. Samael and Lilith are two aspects that have an alchemical formula of spiritual Apotheosis in Luciferian Magick. The symbol of "Infernal Union" as a cipher of Black Alchemy and Satanic Theurgy is revealed. Visit for esoterically designed products such as incense, ritual oils, candles, spell kits, altar cloths, tapestries, and left-hand path books (including my titles associated with Samael: Dragon of the Two Flames, Bible of the Adversary, Liber HVHI, etc).
by Michael Ford on May 07, 2023
The Secret Origins of LILITH Queen of Demons video by Michael W. Ford

The Secret Origins of LILITH Queen of Demons video by Michael W. Ford

Lilith has haunted and tempted humanity since the earliest writings of ancient Sumer. Beginning with Dimme - Lamaštu, a goddess born of Anu and cast from heaven due to her request for permission to drink blood and eat the flesh of human prey, Lamastu was both goddess and demon, a rare state of being in the pantheon of deities of Mesopotamia.
by Michael Ford on March 31, 2023



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