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Baphomet the Sabbatic Goat by Michael W. Ford

Baphomet is a symbol of balance and Apotheosis (becoming a god or goddess) whose origins have a syncretic fluidity associated with it. In 1856 Eliphas Levi created the illustration of Baphomet the Sabbatic Goat.  From 1098, during the Siege of Antioch, Baphomet was first named in a letter from a crusader. Later on, the mystical one was written of by...


DAY OF AHRIMAN & LUCIFERIAN AWARENESS By Michael W. Ford The Day of Ahriman occurs on March 21 at 12:PM Noon. The Day of Ahriman / Angra Mainyu is derived from the ancient Zoroastrian cosmology myth of the date and time the Lord of Darkness, called the Adversary, entered the world to challenge that of Ahura Mazda. Michael W. Ford...

  • September 01, 2020
  • Michael Ford

The Demons of Solomon - Invocations and Talismanic Magick

Author Michael W. Ford introduces his new forthcoming book, "The Demons of Solomon - Spirits of the Earth, Air & Underworld" publishing late September.

  • March 22, 2020
  • Michael Ford
  • March 19, 2020
  • Michael Ford