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  • March 12, 2013
  • Michael Ford

A Note on Luciferianism by Michael W. Ford

A NOTE ON LUCIFERIANISM MICHAEL W. FORD Luciferianism is an ideology and for the predilection of the sorcerer, a path towards spiritual self-liberation and magickial initiation. The question of “what deities are associated in Luciferianism” my response is simply, “All pantheons have centers in the Luciferian path as the origins are collectively from these Deific Masks; with the firm exception...

 In seeking the path of power in our cunning circle, you need not an initiator for all intents and purposes of the path. Seek this road yourself if you have been chosen, if your Daemon seeks to rise up from the abyssic pit of darkness within. Hecate Phosphorus[1] is the witch-mother which by her fire stirs up the dormant sleeper into the cultus of dreams, or nightmares to others[2]. She is both beneficial and malicious, her hunger is sated upon the blood of innocence: for she seeks to initiate and grow in her power. She is Anassa eneroi, the Goddess of the Dead so her wisdom is layered in varied avenues. Of the Daemonic, chthonic and necromantic; her origins are from the earliest Babylonian incantations and spoken hymns

  • July 20, 2012
  • Michael Ford

Anassa Eneroi: The Infernal Path of Hekate by Michael W. Ford

Anassa eneroi The Infernal Path of Hekate A lesson in Diabolism and the Dream By Michael W. Ford In many of my most public of books, articles and dissertations I am very clear to dictate that the aspiring initiate applies reason and centers the self in all initial workings; that purpose is defined with consistent records. The following article is...