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Divination Scrying and Black Mirrors

Black and Traditional Mirrors for use in Scrying in Necromancy, Egyptian, Vampiric, Satanic, Ceremonial and Divination Rituals.


8" Black round mirror. The European Style of Scrying Mirror,  Comes with a basic outline for using the scrying mirror in Luciferian Witchcraft with the astral plane and the realm of the dead. Also useful in divination, spirit projection, goetic sorcery and astral plane workings. The mirror is traditionally the gateway to the realm or caves of Lilith, Mother of Desire...

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This Glass Black Mirror is adorned with Pentagrams patterns in the corners. The Black Mirror is a very traditional instrument used for scrying clairvoyance. Concentrate on the black surface until the visions appear. Size : 4" x 4" Made in Germany 

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Adjustable Stand for 6" or 8" Scrying Mirrors or Glass Dowsing Boards. When not on a tabletop, use this stand to display your scrying mirror or glass board. This stand is recommended for the six-inch scrying mirror and altar plates and the eight-inch scrying mirrors and dowsing boards.


This is one of the Key of Solomon’s magical images used to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, deities and demons and how to perform magical spells, charms and divination. The sigil of Astaroth consecrates one side, the other is the black mirror. Also with this mirror comes a 6- page instructional guide, including the ceremony reprinted...

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Arianrhod's ancient symbol of the waxing, full and waning moon.The goddess as maiden, mother and crone in a cosmic cycle of life and death, reincarnation and rebirth.Approximate Dimensions:H: 12cm (4.72") W: 22.5cm (8.86") D: 1.8cm (0.71")Materials:Resin