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Howling Moon Wolf Pendant


Triple Hecate and Brigid Pewter Pendant


Counsels of Infernus Talisman Pendant


A Pact With A Prince Lucifer & Moon Pendant


Lilith Black Moon Pendant


Lilith Black Moon Earrings


The Sigil of Astaroth w/ Red Abalone Stone Pendant


Antiqued Seal of Lilith Talisman Anticosmic


Baphomet Handcrafted Pendant


Sigil of Lilith Double-Sided


Satanic Cross of Sulphur Antiqued Decrepit Finish Pendant


Medieval Seal of Lucifer Pendant



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Often depicted as a seductive and powerful figure, Lilith is believed to be the mother of demons, an embodiment of female independence and rebellion, and a symbol of dark sensuality.

Lilith's roots can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamian, Sumerian, and Babylonian myths, where she was mentioned as a night demon or a winged female spirit associated with storms and darkness.

Female Empowerment: Lilith is often seen as a symbol of female autonomy and liberation, challenging the traditional patriarchal narrative.

Dark Sensuality: Lilith's allure and sensuality, combined with her perceived malevolence, create a potent archetype that reflects the darker and more complex aspects of human desire and sexuality.

Rebellion and Freedom: As a symbol of rebellion, Lilith embodies the spirit of nonconformity and the quest for personal freedom, encouraging individuals to break societal norms and embrace their authentic selves.

Mother of Demons: Lilith's association with demons stems from her supposed refusal to bear children for Adam and her subsequent relationship with malevolent forces.

From a rebellious and powerful woman to a seductive and malevolent entity, Lilith embodies both the light and dark aspects of human nature.

by HopeMarie Ford on August 17, 2023

Michael W. Ford discusses how the Qliphoth and the mysticism of the Sitra Achra is begun as a Luciferian initiatory practice. MALKUTH and YESOD are focused on as these two are the highly significant and most harrowing of hells for the Black Magickian to command and direct within (and thus, without).

by Michael Ford on August 17, 2023

In this video, we're going to be looking at the Babylonian and Sumerian Demons in Magick. We'll be discussing their properties, how to summon them, and some of the spells that can be performed using them. Ancient Sumerian and Babylonian demonology and sorcery from the Bronze Age through the early Christian period holds many different traditions and metaphysical frameworks for the workings of magick. This video explores briefly the modern interpretation and adaptation of Luciferian practices. Lamaštu and Pazuzu including the Seven udug-hul and how balance is applied to invoking these ancient spirits within modern context of initiation via the Left-Hand Path.

by Michael Ford on June 18, 2023