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Liber HVHI - The Magick of the Adversary by Michael W. Ford


INFERNAL UNION Sinister Initiation & The Satanic Psalms by Michael W. Ford


BOOK OF THE WITCH MOON Choronzon Edition


Double-Sided Sigil of Lilith (218) and Samael with antique finish


APOTHEOSIS: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Luciferianism & The Left-Hand Path by Michael W Ford


Inverted Ivy & Vine Pentagram Necklace




A Pact with Lucifuge Rofocale Kit


Human Bone Powder/Pieces for Necromancy & Sorcery


3" x 9" Black or Red Pillar Candles


Grave Dirt with Human Bone dust for Necromancy


Lucifer - Bearer of Light 7 Day Glass Spell Candle to Inspire Self-Motivation, Knowledge, Spiritual insight


Ritual Bar Soaps with Bathing & Cleansing Invocation


3 x 6 Black & Red Pillar Candles


Dragon's Blood Writing Kit



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Explore the transformational power of arcane Luciferian symbols in this video. Dive into the world of Luciferian philosophy and magick through the exploration of these powerful symbols. Arcane symbols transcend language and culture. They’re whispers from forgotten epochs, encoded messages from cosmic architects. But what do they truly represent? Beyond ink and parchment lies a deeper truth—a universal language of energies, archetypes, and hidden pathways. Luciferian Apotheca is one of the largest online shops for arcane occult supplies, books, altar cloths and more.

by Michael Ford on June 30, 2024

Darkness is our primal origin, that which surrounds the cosmos and is essential to our renewal and healing within the Mind, Body, and Spirit. The Serpent is an excellent symbol for Luciferians, for the snake was the bringer of wisdom to woman and man, and in history was also a symbol of healing, chthonic fertility in the earth, and wisdom.

Luciferianism is not the sum of random rituals from numerous ancient pantheons, for one must prepare the entirety of self by the application of what I call the FOUR PILLARS OF LUCIFERIANISM and the TRIAD OF THE MORNING STAR. These two concepts are the most important and ground-breaking magical works you will perform, even before the exploration of different methods of ceremony and rituals found in the many grimoires, I have made available publicly.

You may approach Luciferianism no matter if you are more atheistic or theistic; trust your intuition and become familiar with Luciferian philosophy to determine if you honestly identify as a Luciferian. There are key traits identifiable in Luciferian philosophy that support a meaningful experience as one who carries the torch.

The Four Pillars and the Triad of the Morning Star are constructs that allow the mind to focus and validate an accounting of what your core traits, desires, strengths, and weaknesses are. This early ordeal of study and mental application in the real world establishes a balance between the imagination and the material world.

The Four Pillars are: Balance, Power, Strength, and Wisdom.

The Triad of the Morning Star is Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis.

by Michael Ford on April 27, 2024

Left-Hand Path and the Luciferian Tradition Explained, a lecture by Michael W. Ford:

It is my aim to introduce, with focused simplicity, what the Left-Hand Path is in the tradition of modern Luciferian Magical practices.

• I will explain the differences between the Right-Hand and Left-Hand Path.

• That Luciferian Magick is in totality, on all levels, at core existent exclusively as a Left-Hand Path esoteric tradition; albeit an ever transforming and individualistic school of thought that is loosely defined as a tradition.

• The hidden meaning and connection between the terms Black Magic and the symbol of the Luciferian Adept, BAPHOMET as the symbol of the Magician in the idealized state of Apotheosis and self-mastery.

• That the Left-Hand Path has subtle variations and differences in the Western Adversarial teachings compared to the Eastern practices of Tantra; there are core points that are closely identical within the syncretism of Luciferian philosophy and the Black Arts.

• Finally, I will present how the philosophical foundations contained in APOTHEOSIS reveal the absolute significance of successful initiation into the mysteries of the Left-Hand Path with the core, often difficult to master, the methods of self-mastery and discipline via meditation, Ahrimanic Yoga, and the practical steps of Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis.

The hidden and forbidden knowledge within Luciferian teachings is woven in the concept of Deific Masks, specific types of power and energy in symbolic theriomorphic and theomorphic representations (such as the horrible or beautiful depictions of angels and demons). This is for the purpose of the Luciferian to perceive and conceptualize within the mind and by the Gnosis of Will, Desire, and Belief. The vibration and utterance of what the ancient magicians and sorcerers used to encircle energy and force to shape spells are the Voces Magicae. The "Voces Magicae" in a singular term is "vox magica", meaning "magical names" and "magical words". The vast and surviving arcana of Voces Magicae are pronounceable but chaos-created uses of epithets and key roots of deities that are magical formulas. Using these names by intense utterances, vibrations in rhythm either quietly or loudly as types of mantras, occurred in spells, invocations involving theurgy (as in Hermetic traditions) charms, curses, and amulets to compel change within the self and towards the desire of the magician. This type of modern "Shadow Tongue" by naming and commanding our identification with specific types of energy and power (mediated via our psyche) have mysterious keys to initiation and results when the unity of Will, Desire, and Belief are attained in meditative and ritual Gnosis (Knowledge).

As you will understand, reading a ritual or spell aloud in a uninspired or even fearfully cautious way is the quickest path to frustration and failure, categorizing it as "useless" and forgotten in the nothingness of the unknown.

The Left-Hand Path in Luciferianism unites and guides one to understand and attain the skills of a cause and effect manifestation when the rational benefit of disbelief (the way of mastery in daily life) is suspended in the act of ritual.

Seek careful understanding of what the actual meaning of the "unity" of Will, Desire, and Belief is and how using imagination, visualization and by rhythmic vibration (akin to common mantras) of invocations. Actually visualizing and creating the liminal state of both ecstasy and the acceptance of your simple aim in your ritual as something that is gradually manifesting in the present and near future simultaneously.

Fantasy when is derived from attainable desires is made manifest via our individual tools and Satanic Keys we possess already within. Having the confidence and total belief in the ritual chamber empowers the act of both theurgy and goetia (discussed in the video).

The Left-Hand Path demands self-determined and the dedication of trusting your intuition as a recipient of the Adversarial Current, magical guidance mediated via ones own Daemon (associated with the psyche) and what my teachings call "Deific Masks". We either in the transformative change in Apotheosis become like the Nephilim, the sons and daughters of the Watchers in the lore of Enoch I.

by Michael Ford on April 20, 2024