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Michael W. Ford - Akhtya

A Ritual Invocation by Michael W. Ford

This is a short ritual invocation by Michael W. Ford performing the Ceremony, "Cathedral of the Devil" from the grimoire, "Infernal Union". Michael uses a method of rhythm induced images that act as an inspiring representation of the imagination towards opening the Gate of the Abyss. From the methods of the ritual postures, artistic flashes of illustrations from "Infernal Union" and "Bible of the Adversary", with a dark atmosphere of hypnotic ambient sounds by Akhtya (, Michael recites the Ritual text from the grimoire to honor the Luciferian Spirit of the Antitrinity.
This is a type of black magical short film that is intend to inspire and provide almost surreal images tinted in red to represent the fiery essence of creation and destruction, The Adversary (Samael & Lilith).

The use of the Goat-demon represents earthly embodiment and the Luciferian as seeking balance and self-mastery via this affirming veil represented by the verses of this ritual.

The book "Infernal Union - Sinister Initiation & Satanic Psalms" by Michael W. Ford has been published and is available in Soft, Hardcover, and limited deluxe editions from Succubus Productions Publishing (Luciferian Apotheca) and Manus Sinistra Publishing.
by Michael Ford on November 08, 2023



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