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The Necromancy & Magick of Hecate - Michael W Ford

by Michael Ford on August 26, 2019

A Video of Black Arte by Michael W. Ford with music by Akhtya

This work, utilizing visually evoking ritualistic images and specifically crafted musical dark ambient ritual music (by AKHTYA), The Necromancy & Magick of Hecate is appropriately an abstraction of the Crossroads itself! Michael W Ford captured the ambience of the ritual chamber, billowing incense from LApotheca's blend of Hecate, three candles casting shadows and enhancing the ritual weapons and tools in this invocation of Hecate Tridotis and her darksome epithet of “Brimo Nyktipolis Khthonie” (Brimo=Angry, Terrible One; Hecate; Nyktipolis=Night wanderer; Khthonie=of the Underworld).

This work is in Two Parts: the first is a underworld-like altar announcing the conjuration of a primal force which takes the form recognized as Hecate Tridotis (of the Crossroads); the statues are anchors and vessels to focus energies from the viewer, the altar then becomes a centering visual "place" within the mind's eye and imagination, opening gateways between the acasual and the earthly energies Hecate possesses.

The viewer (if the attraction and Black Flame have a spark within already) becomes the very point-center of the Crossroads, the meeting place of daimon, magician, spirits and Deific Masks within. Many Triads are slowly depicted in the chaos of Hecate's mere touch into the casual realm of this act. The soundtrack is carefully composed by Akhtya (Michael W Ford's dark ritual ambient project) to direct a flow of Lunar, Underworldly and the demonic majesty of Hecate. Part Two is a Janus-headed work of magick itself: Michael W Ford recites Hecate hymns, ritual descriptions and writings from Homer, Hesiod and other classical works.

The words are within a steady pace and fluctuating intensity focused towards potentially inspiring the Magician or Witch's subjective interplay towards initiatic streams of the Witch Mother of Luciferian Witchcraft and Magick. The hymns become both guide and Words of Power even if subtle in their cipher. Michael is depicted as a shadowy phantom recalling Lunar and Chthonic impulses, forms change and only the transmission of Hecate's Triple-form unto the aspirant as a potential autonomous embodiment of the Adversary.

Many of the statues and magickial tools featured can be purchased from the Luciferian Apotheca (including much, much more so dedicated to the Left-Hand Path, Satanic, Luciferian and individualistic witchcraft and magical traditions.


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