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The Origins of Easter By Michael W. Ford for the Luciferian Apotheca

Easter was derived from the German Eostre, the goddess of the dawn—a bringer of light. English and German are in the minority of languages that use a form of the word Easter to mark the holiday. Elsewhere, the observance is framed in Latin pascha, which in turn is derived from the Hebrew pesach, meaning of or associated with Passover. Ostara/Eostre was an...

  • March 14, 2016
  • Michael Ford


Ishtar/Inanna is a very powerful goddess who appears in numerous deific masks or goddess-forms throughout the Mesopotamian pantheon. Ishtar is both a goddess of intense beauty, sexual desire and also a warlike spirit of violence and mastery. Ishtar is called a “wolf” as in “you are a wolf sent forth to snatch a lamb” and is the sister of Ereshkigal....