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Michael W. Ford - Akhtya

A Ritual Invocation by Michael W. Ford

This is a short ritual invocation by Michael W. Ford performing the Ceremony, "Cathedral of the Devil" from the grimoire, "Infernal Union". Michael uses a method of rhythm induced images that act as an inspiring representation of the imagination towards opening the Gate of the Abyss. From the methods of the ritual postures, artistic flashes of illustrations from "Infernal Union" and "Bible of the Adversary", with a dark atmosphere of hypnotic ambient sounds by Akhtya (, Michael recites the Ritual text from the grimoire to honor the Luciferian Spirit of the Antitrinity.
This is a type of black magical short film that is intend to inspire and provide almost surreal images tinted in red to represent the fiery essence of creation and destruction, The Adversary (Samael & Lilith).

The use of the Goat-demon represents earthly embodiment and the Luciferian as seeking balance and self-mastery via this affirming veil represented by the verses of this ritual.

The book "Infernal Union - Sinister Initiation & Satanic Psalms" by Michael W. Ford has been published and is available in Soft, Hardcover, and limited deluxe editions from Succubus Productions Publishing (Luciferian Apotheca) and Manus Sinistra Publishing.
by Michael Ford on November 08, 2023
Mysteries of the Qliphoth - Entering Malkuth and Yesod - The Luciferian Apotheca

Mysteries of the Qliphoth - Entering Malkuth and Yesod

Michael W. Ford discusses how the Qliphoth and the mysticism of the Sitra Achra is begun as a Luciferian initiatory practice. MALKUTH and YESOD are focused on as these two are the highly significant and most harrowing of hells for the Black Magickian to command and direct within (and thus, without).
by Michael Ford on August 17, 2023
Unlocking the

Unlocking the "Forbidden" Wisdom of the Fallen Angel SAMAEL

In this video, I will be exploring the Fallen Angel SAMAEL; his lore, origins, demonological knowledge and how Luciferians may seek to invoke and meditate upon the Sitra Ahra, the Shadow Tree of the Abyss, known as the Qliphoth. Samael and Lilith are two aspects that have an alchemical formula of spiritual Apotheosis in Luciferian Magick. The symbol of "Infernal Union" as a cipher of Black Alchemy and Satanic Theurgy is revealed. Visit for esoterically designed products such as incense, ritual oils, candles, spell kits, altar cloths, tapestries, and left-hand path books (including my titles associated with Samael: Dragon of the Two Flames, Bible of the Adversary, Liber HVHI, etc).
by Michael Ford on May 07, 2023
The Secret Origins of LILITH Queen of Demons video by Michael W. Ford - The Luciferian Apotheca

The Secret Origins of LILITH Queen of Demons video by Michael W. Ford

Lilith has haunted and tempted humanity since the earliest writings of ancient Sumer. Beginning with Dimme - Lamaštu, a goddess born of Anu and cast from heaven due to her request for permission to drink blood and eat the flesh of human prey, Lamastu was both goddess and demon, a rare state of being in the pantheon of deities of Mesopotamia.
by Michael Ford on March 31, 2023

Samael the Angel of Poison November Special!

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by HM Wayman on November 14, 2012



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Ahriman and Daevas - Zoroastrian demonology & the Creation Myths
Ancient creation myths including the Zoroastrian (from the Bundahishin) and Zurvanite religious tale of Ahriman's entry into the world, his creation of the daevas, so bringing strife and (from a Luciferian point-of-view) balance to the world in opposition to Ahura Mazda, the Amesha Spenta, the ArchAngels or lesser deities that were balanced by the ArchDaevas. This is a simple intro into this fascinating tradition, presenting how myth and the Adversarial narrative is actually a point of magical-mystical foundation for the Luciferian and modern Yatus (sorcerer, he or she who offers incense and libations to the daevas), Daevayasna (demon-worshipper) as to motivate inner-strength, strife-conflict to temper upon the forge of the Adversary; thus, individual potential via initiation. The book, DRAUGA - Ahrimanian Yatuk Dinoih by Michael W. Ford is both a grimoire and the basic historical / mythological origins and descriptions of the cultus of Angra Mainyu (Ahriman), the legions of Daevas, the syncretic Persian deity Ahura Mazda (Ohrmazd), the Amesha Spenta (archangels), and the balance found by symbolic understanding of syncretism of Hellenistic, Eastern Roman, Armenian, and Persian streams of Zoroastrianism and the heresies of Manichaean and Zurvanite practices. Obtain a copy of DRAUGA here: The books BIBLE OF THE ADVERSARY, LIBER HVHI, and AHRIMANIC YOGA also present practical applications of formulating a metaphysical framework in the initiatic ritual magick of Yatuk Dinoih, translating as 'witchcraft', that the sorcerer offers to the daevas, summons the energy that conceptualizes these Deific Masks, and opens potentially a Ahrimanian Gnosis balancing the Bronze Age Indian RIG VEDA and the Persian demonology equally as beneficial. To practice Yatuk Dinoih is to utilize a mytho-magical gnosis of primal sorcery to embrace Adversarial (antinomian or spiritually lawless type of Theurgy) spirits to attain power via the Luciferian Triad of the Morning Star, being Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis. Daevas and Ahriman ritual décor and tools including Altar Cloths are available here: For the dark ambient ritual music of AKHTYA, with several albums dedicated to the Ahrimanian Cultus of Yatuk Dinoih and the Daevas, including several CDs (also with collaborations with CORONA BARATHRI) may be found here: Akhtya's Bandcamp (the digital release of DUSHMATA is dedicated to the cultus of daevayasna) will reveal some dedicated, authentic, and darkly haunting ritual ceremonies as music here:
by Michael Ford on February 29, 2024
The Dark Rituals of Yatukdinoih: Ahriman & the Daevas Video

In this video, we will delve into the ancient world of Yatuk Dinoih, a term from Zoroastrian texts, exploring Mazdean practices before Islam.


{Picture a realm where daevas, demonic forces counteracting angels, and Ahriman, the primal opposer, take center stage. The aim of the Yatus, or sorcerers, is to master the elemental darkness and demonic fury inherent in both nature and humanity through disciplined will in Luciferian Magick.}


As we journey through Yatuk Dinoih, we discover two types of Ahrimanian Magick:

  1. Ritual to Attain, catering to carnal or spiritual goals. And,
  2. Ceremony to Sustain, blending the carnal and spiritual.

This is not just a carnal approach; there's a spiritual dimension with an instinctual awareness of nature.

Join me as we explore the world of Ahrimanian Yatus, akin to devil-worshippers, using fantasy for both carnal and spiritual empowerment. Where There is no diabolic punishment or heavenly reward. It's about gathering power in both flesh and spirit.

This video emphasizes the importance of balancing the present and the future by directing both your thoughts and energy.

Witness the rituals of Daeva-yasna, involving night ceremonies with incense, libations, and the passionate invocations of deities like Ahriman. The Word of Sorcery, in contrast to Mazdean magic, manifests internally and outwardly, mastered by skilled Yatus. Balancing your will, your desire, and your belief.

We will also explore how Ahriman and Daevas are honored in disorderly acts, Staotas, and Ahrimanic words of power. Each name carries coiled power within the imagination, giving form to deities and demons.

 Join me on this journey into the mysticism of Yatuk Dinoih, where sorcery becomes a powerful tool in the hands of bold masters shaping their destinies.

by Michael Ford on January 15, 2024


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