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Publication Announcement: Dragon of the Two Flames

by Michael Ford on April 06, 2012


Demonic Magick & Gods of Canaan

By Michael W. Ford, Illustrated by Kitti Solymosi

with additional art by Nestor Avalos, Karl N.E. and Adam Iniquity

Publication Date: April 30th, 2012 from Succubus Productions

To be available in Soft cover, Hardcover, Color-Soft cover and soon electronic formats. 480 + pages, fully illustrated with glossary, maps and more.

Dragon of the Two Flames is the long awaited book which fully presents the ancient Gods and Demons of Canaanite/Ugaritic/Philistine cults (Bronze Age/Iron Age periods) who were presented as demons in the Old and New Testament. Utilizing archeological research, Temple-Cult texts revealing hymns, incantations and descriptions of the ancient ones have been gathered and presented in their former strength and glory.

A unique grimoire which lays a foundation for the initiatory freedom of the Pre-Christian Bronze, Iron Age Gods & Goddess of Canaan, Ugarit, Philistines, Syro-Egyptian and Northern Mesopotamian pantheons. Chapter 1 introduces Luciferian ideology and understanding the Deific Masks (Gods/Demons) including an overview of the pantheons of the Ancient Near East. Geographical Maps detail the major Temple-Cult cities and a ‘visual representation’ of the lands from which this grimoire is dedicated. Enemies of the Old Testament and great cultures such as Ugarit, Phoenicia, Philistines, Moabites and other Levant kingdoms and tribes. The history of sorcery, necromancy, demonology, magick and divination including specific terms and how they are applied today in modern Luciferianism and historical temple records which reveal the upstart religion of what would become Christianity. Dragon of the Two Flames answers the questions concerning the Judeo-Christian God and identifies the slave-mentality bred into cultures which were founded on high self-esteem, pride, balance and a deep respect for the cycles of creation and destruction. Restriction of desires is for the tribes of Jerusalem who worship Yahweh; Luciferians understand the beauty and strength of seeking self-excellence and power via Adversarial Magick.

The Deific Masks of ancient power: Leviathan (Yam), Baal Hadad, Dagan, Baal-Zebub, Ashteroth, Mot (God of Death), Baal-of-Peor (Belphagor), the Rephaim and many more including the plague and pestilence demons. The Seven-Headed Dragon-Serpent and the many manifestations of Yam are presented. The history of Hell and the Underworld is examined and introduced in a modern magickial sense. The Ritual Hymns of the Baal Cycle and the myths of the gods utilized in rituals to inspire and initiate the Black Adept into darkness and inner light of the self and our understanding of nature.

The meaning of the use of Horns, demonic imagery, Dragon-Serpents and the Elements have significance to the Kessapim outside of any Judeo-Christian ideal, Luciferian symbols are explained to the points in which they inspire power, wisdom and command of your life. Practical use of ritual and preparation towards serious Luciferian Magick is explained step-by-step. To ensure authenticity, the magickial scripts used are historically accurate Ugaritic Cuneiform, Aramaic and Phoenician-Moabite with a detailed Ugaritic-word ‘magickial dictionary’ for constructing your own spells and inscriptions. The demons of the Old Testament are introduced and restored to their ancient glory as gods of nature and the possibility in the conquering and knowledge-thirsting individual.

Chapter Four explores the translated and adapted invocations for modern use Hymns, Rituals and Incantations which are organized in Seven Sections of Rituals with the authentic Cult Epithets of the Deific Masks. Chapter Six begins with First century C.E. Demonology onward to reveal the succession of Ancient Gods into Demonic enemies of Yahweh. In-Depth etymological studies and rituals of Demonic Spirits are presented for the Black Adept to experience the complete circle of Luciferian Magick and Sorcery.

Beautifully illustrated by esteemed artist Kitti Solymosi, along with Mr. Ford’s grimoire the striking representations of the Deific Masks, Demons of both Old Testament and through Medieval Qliphoth illuminates the ancient words of power with their physical representations (MANY for the first time to date accurately from archeological sources). What fully ‘binds’ the Spirits of this ancient pantheon to this tome is the detailed talismanic representations of both ‘Words’ & ‘Names of Power’ with altar imagery embodies ‘Dragon of the Two Flames’ as a gateway to the spiritual heights and chthonic depths of the Underworld.


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