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Anassa Eneroi: The Infernal Path of Hekate by Michael W. Ford

by Michael Ford on July 20, 2012

Anassa eneroi

The Infernal Path of Hekate

A lesson in Diabolism and the Dream

By Michael W. Ford

In many of my most public of books, articles and dissertations I am very clear to dictate that the aspiring initiate applies reason and centers the self in all initial workings; that purpose is defined with consistent records. The following article is an exploration of the cunning craft as it found me; moreover the path in which illuminated itself before my being. I can attest to the astral Sabbat; my discovery of it many years ago and the gateway in which is found itself through me has never left memory. To this day I continue the process of defining the craft of my father called the Devil; although the medieval cloak of inspiration provides little for expansion in mind. The Infernal Sabbat is nonetheless important in initiatory awakening.

In the grade of Infernal Sabbat initiation, Lucifer is the torch-bearing dark goddess of the crossroads, illuminating and instructing on magick and the infernal necromantic rites. She instructs by first atmosphere, and then the Black Adept’s instincts will be like her voice.

In the void of chaos there is sleep, dreams and nightmares flowing through the clotting ebb of time. In these spilt veins which flow the blood of the serpent, ‘chaos’ is channeled into temporary ‘order’. This ‘order’ is made manifest in the unconscious mind of the Black Adept, waiting to take flesh by the daemonic. The daemonic here is defined as the primordial ‘otherness’ most humans try to suppress; the inner darkness which is our foundation of survival and the conquering power to ascend into a more powerful state of being. This primordial beast is clothed in the terrifying aspect of numerous animals and reptiles, depending on our nature and is the very skin of Our Lord the Devil, who by those of the Luciferian Witchcraft Cultus understands as our Daemon or Black Man of the Sabbat.

In seeking the path of power in our cunning circle, you need not an initiator for all intents and purposes of the path. Seek this road yourself if you have been chosen, if your Daemon seeks to rise up from the abyssic pit of darkness within. Hecate Phosphorus[1] is the witch-mother which by her fire stirs up the dormant sleeper into the cultus of dreams, or nightmares to others[2]. She is both beneficial and malicious, her hunger is sated upon the blood of innocence: for she seeks to initiate and grow in her power. She is Anassa eneroi, the Goddess of the Dead so her wisdom is layered in varied avenues. Of the Daemonic, chthonic and necromantic; her origins are from the earliest Babylonian incantations and spoken hymns[3]:

“Mistress of the Earth, I offer to thee libations of water

Queen of Irkalla, I offer to thee the smoke of incense,

Ereshkigal, I send forth my voice to thee.

Send me the nightmares of your presence,

That I may have a glimpse of your divinity..”

-“The Lust of Ereshkigal” from MASKIM HUL – Babylonian Magick

She flourishes in the Greco-Roman period and even more in the Dark to Medieval period. In a time when women were shunned and detested, Hecate finds her manifestations in numerous deific masks.

In the following invocation to Anassa Eneroi, the Black Adept should find a graveyard which is aesthetically suitable and preferably old and neglected. It is imperative to find a sunken grave, where the coffin has collapsed and there is an obvious impression in the ground. You will bring Honey and water, Rosewater and incense of Hecate. If you have the courage, cut yourself or have some blood from yourself stored and brought to the graveyard. If a lady, collect some menstrual blood and you may pour out to the dead. The ritual steps are simple and easily performed in the graveyard.

The Black Adept should have a special fetish to bind a spirit and a gateway to the Sabbatic dream with Hecate; I suggest a specially made doll, human bone fragment decorated with the epithet of Hecate or something similar.


I invoke you, Goddess of those below,

Whose names are many, whose power is great,

Brimo, the terrifying one, Phosphorus, the torch bearer,

Who brings knowledge to those who illuminate the torch within,

Who find pleasure and substance in darkness, becoming the light-bearers ascending,

Nyktipolos, night wandering goddess, Khthonie, open the ghost-ways,

I seek the company of shades which wander the dark paths of Hades

I invoke thee nyktipolis khthonie, Queen of the Dead!

I offer thee the libation of honey and water, to nourish your companions,

I offer my blood to feed the shades of the dead, be attached to me by this sacred object

By the night and dream I call you, speak to me in the depths!

I am a Black Adept of Nekromankia, covered in the shroud of the dead.

I offer thee fumigation (incense) in honor of thee, Great Dark Goddess.

By the four winds, by the grave-ways of old,

Open the abodes of Tartarus, the insatiable jaws of mors I call!

Hecate, I invoke thee by your ancient name so hidden from the obscene,

I am initiated to your path, Lamashtu, daughter of Anu, chosen of the gods,

Lilith, I shall gain your counsel and honor you upon this earth!

I pour now the last drops of libation to you Hecate!

So it is done.


If one returns home from the graveyard or remote location, dreams begin either the first or second night. Meditating upon Hecate with the fetish object each evening will bring you closer to her. I have conducted a variation of this working for many years to find over dedicated period she is with you nearly always, much like the Daemon or instinctual will. The tradition of Necromancy is of the earliest origins with Lamashtu, who is the origin of Hecate[4].

The ‘Black Adept of Nekromankia’ is the individual who is self-initiated into necromantic practice as in the tradition of ancient Mesopotamia and Greek ritual practice.

[1] A cult epithet of Hecate is sometimes ‘eosphoros’, the light-bringer. Named for her torches, she bestows wisdom to those brave and strong enough to walk the shadow’d path of her many deific masks.

[2] The uninitiated. Just as initiation is on-going, Hecate continually sends nightmares as mysteries of initiatory tasks.

[3] I have drawn extensive association from research and magickial work: see MASKIM HUL-Babylonian Magick.

[4] See ‘Maskim Hul-Babylonian Magick’ and ‘Some Cults of Greek Goddesses and Female Daemons of Oriental Origin” by David Reid West.
by Kathleen on August 27, 2019

Such great wealth of information and inspiration! So many thank you’s!!!

by Melissa Artemisia on March 24, 2017

I want to commend you, Magus, for your infernal Workings with my Matron, Hekate. She called me 21 yrs ago. Introduced me to Lucifer. So many LHP Practitioners don’t do any Magick. As a Black Witch, I continue to be inspired by your written Works!
In Nomine Hekate! Ave Satanas!


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