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About us / The Luciferian Apotheca
For those not afraid of the dark...The Original Left Hand Path shop since 2007
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The Luciferian Apotheca is the Original Left Hand Path Shop (since 2007) is owned an operated by SUCCUBUS PRODUCTIONS.  We are dedicated to offering the individuals of Left Hand Path, ritual and ceremonial supplies that are sometimes unavailable through other more traditional shops.
We offer a wide variety of items such as :  Baphomet, Inverted Pentagram and serious talismanic jewelry from all Pantheons (pre-Christian),Spells Powders burnt in ritual workings, Specialty Dark Pagan/Luciferian/Satanic Incense, Oils and supplies, Cloaks, Robes, Wands (including crystal-end wands made from real human bones), Human Bone Dust (ground/broken bones obtained legally) used in Necromancy and Yatukih Rituals  Satanic/Luciferian/Goetic t-shirts and so much more. We are dark however we are balanced, we will present you with the depths of the abyss and all the power which you can inspire yourself to greatness! It is our goal to offer the path of self-liberation in which you may discover the freedom of spirit via knowledge (religious history) and removing the Christian myth that 'dark' equals 'evil'.  
Our products will no doubt inspire and satisfy the initiation towards the depths or heights in which you seek to go! The Left Hand Path is about self-liberation, responsibility and the freedom to walk the path you wish; that is what we are offering here to you!

Luciferian Apotheca

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