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About us / The Luciferian Apotheca
For those not afraid of the dark...
The Original Left Hand Path shop since 2007
The Luciferian Apotheca, the Original Left-Hand Path Shop (Established in 2007). It is owned an operated by Succubus Productions (the publisher of author Michael W. Ford).  We are dedicated to offering  Metaphysical Supplies & Books, Ritual Magick Supplies & Occult-inspired Apparel and Decor.
Our goal was to establish a shop which encompasses many Esoteric Traditions with dedication to the Dark Paths of Dark Witchcraft, Traditional Satanism, Paganism including Norse and Celtic traditions, Chaos Magick, Luciferianism, Demonolatry, Theistic Satanism, Thelema, Voodoo, Vampire Magick, Demonolatry, Eastern Spirituality, Black Magick and obscure paths of Necromancy.
Thanks to you, LApotheca has grown and expanded over the years and our dedication to Doing the Devil's Work by tempting others with our Occult items and books.
When we founded and opened the Luciferian Apotheca in 2007, our focus was to offer proudly ritual and ceremonial supplies that are sometimes unavailable through other more traditional shops. In that year, Dark or Satanic Magical supplies such as statues and jewelry were nearly non-existent, while the communities of traditional Paganism and Wicca had strong representation and items available. 
Since 2007, Luciferian Apotheca has provided a pandemonium of Left-Hand Path Magical and Satanically inspired treasures of forbidden knowledge and inspiration. Our dedication and your patronage yielded positive results: we not only work with many independent craftspeople but also design and create a line of Luciferian Apotheca items such as Pendants & other jewelry, Apparel and other products. 
We have one of the largest inventories of Left-Hand Path (and even some not specifically "LHP") Ritual and Altar Supplies such as Incense, Ritual Anointing & Burning Oils, Athames, Wands, Bells, Candles, Spell Kits, Ritual Soaps, Herbs, Talismans and other Jewelry, Robes, Cloaks and more.
LApotheca has a vast selection of Altar Cloths of a demonically inspired design, large Wall Tapestries including the Satanic Sigil of Baphomet, Lucifer, Lilith, Ceremonial Circles for Invocation, Goetia Spirits for the devoted Adept and more.
For the dark abode, including home and altar, we carry Pagan and Demonic Statuary, our Baphomet merchandise and Idols of a wide variety.
We are known for not only our Esoteric products, also in addition to Altar Cloths, probably the largest selection of Satanic imagery found on Blankets and Clothing designs!
Wear our t-shirts to proclaim your passion for your dedication and incarnation of the Left-Hand Path!
Last but not least, we publish (via Succubus Productions Publishing) the books of Michael W. Ford. Since the late 1990's, Michael has pioneered and forged the Luciferian Tradition as described in his 26 books +.
Take some time and browse our shop, inspirational products for Illuminating the Black Flame!
Our products will no doubt inspire and satisfy the initiation towards the depths or heights in which you seek to go! The Left Hand Path is about self-liberation, responsibility and the freedom to walk the path you wish; that is what we are offering here to you!
Luciferian Apotheca