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  • April 06, 2012
  • Michael Ford

Publication Announcement: Dragon of the Two Flames

DRAGON OF THE TWO FLAMES Demonic Magick & Gods of Canaan By Michael W. Ford, Illustrated by Kitti Solymosi with additional art by Nestor Avalos, Karl N.E. and Adam Iniquity Publication Date: April 30th, 2012 from Succubus Productions To be available in Soft cover, Hardcover, Color-Soft cover and soon electronic formats. 480 + pages, fully illustrated with glossary, maps and...

  • March 07, 2012
  • Michael Ford

'Dragon of the Two Flames' Preview

                                                                                A Preview of Michael W. Ford’s book: (To be published soon) DRAGON OF THE TWO FLAMES Demonic Magick and the...

  • November 07, 2011
  • Michael Ford

Preview Feature: 'Dragon of the Two Flames' grimoire and 'Shadows of Azathoth" by Michael W. Ford

 We wanted to present a preview of Mr. Ford's new grimoire: 'Dragon of the Two Flames'.  A grimoire with the foundations in the Canaanite/Ugaritic Pantheon and extending throughout the 'enemy' pantheons of the 'Yahweh' of the Bible, the Levant and the many gods and demons are unearthed. The Canaanite pantheon is significant as the grimoire is established in the foundation...