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Preview Feature: 'Dragon of the Two Flames' grimoire and 'Shadows of Azathoth" by Michael W. Ford

by Michael Ford on November 07, 2011

 We wanted to present a preview of Mr. Ford's new grimoire: 'Dragon of the Two Flames'. 

A grimoire with the foundations in the Canaanite/Ugaritic Pantheon and extending throughout the 'enemy' pantheons of the 'Yahweh' of the Bible, the Levant and the many gods and demons are unearthed. The Canaanite pantheon is significant as the grimoire is established in the foundation of Yam-Nahar, who is better known as 'Leviathan'. Mr. Ford researched extensively his many epithets (god titles, traits), descriptions, associations and cult-offerings from the ancient available records. The incantations are structured on a 'mantra' or vocalized methodology of summoning via sound; all from the aim of establishing the knowledge of primordial darkness, predatory instinct and the intent of conquering and shaping your life utilizing the darkness and interior 'flame' of this mighty deific mask, Leviathan. 

The grimoire establishes Baal Hadad, the great storm god and his many cult hymns, how both (in Ugaritic texts) are enemies yet can be ritualistically utilized as balancing factors. The many Baal's are restored here: not the Judeo-Christian slander, but their former glory and purpose in the ancient cults of old. Baal-Peor, the necromantic god; Dagan, the obscure god is presented anew; Baal-zebub, the divination and lord of magick; Chemosh-Ashtar, the enemy of Israel and his cult of licentiousness; Anat and Astarte the goddesses of war and lust. Using the cuneiform writing of the ancient Canaanites, the Aramaic of the Syrian region the great demons and gods of old are restored to levels of initiation not previously explored in modern magick. The cult hymns and ritual phrases are carefully restored with a modern interpretation and use; a balanced initiatory text which encircles both the depths of darkness and the heights of self-illuminated light.

Michael establishes not only the modern foundation of ritual magick but also the primal structure of superstition, belief and the daemonic use of magickial artefacts, sigils and the methods of offering libations, incense and even blood magick. The 'Watchers' are presented in the Levant area as initiators and enemies of the destroying Judeo-Christian emergence; Samael and many obscure Hebrew inscriptions of the great Adversary, Lilith and the vampire-demoness cult of old. 

This and many other avenues will offer a rich and deeply beneficial grimoire and knowledge-base for those interested in pre-christian gods, their actual uses in old pantheons and the self-empowering initiatory avenues of the so-called 'demonic' enemies of the church! To be published soon...


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