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'Dragon of the Two Flames' Preview

by Michael Ford on March 07, 2012

                                                                                A Preview of Michael W. Ford’s book:

(To be published soon)


Demonic Magick and the Canaanite Gods

The Long Awaited Grimoire of  Luciferianism and the foundations…

“Dragon of the Two Flames” is one of the most anticipated Left Hand Path/Occult books which will provide the origins and foundation for modern Luciferianism as defined by Michael W. Ford.

Illustrated beautifully by Kitti Solymosi, Nestor Avalos, Karl N.E. and Adam Iniquity.

Ba’al-Zebub is a Deific Mask (a god) which is deeply rooted in Divination, Magick, the Heights of Spirit and the Depths of the Underworld. The ‘Lord of Flies’ is not a negative, self-degrading destructive force but one which will prove a fountain of ancient power, knowledge and modern potential. This is but one Deific Mask in ‘Dragon of the Two Flames’.

“Dragon…” is a grimoire which begins with historical, mythological, authentic origins of the Pre-Christian Gods and Demons of ancient Bronze Age/Iron Age Canaan, Ammon, Moab, Philistine, Sidon, Syro-Canaanite and Northern Mesopotamian Pantheons and their meaning today in Luciferianism.  The Gods are described as ‘Deific Masks’, representations of a type of energy/power which manifests in nature and in relation to the individual; the Black Adept in an act of self-love and with the discipline towards initiation creates a foundation in which the Mind-Body-Spirit is the Temple in which the ‘Deific Mask’ manifests within.

The grimoire itself is centered on the foundation of Yam-Nahar, known by modern occultists as ‘Leviathan’, Michael W. Ford has compiled an extensive etymological, historical and magickial re-interpretation of the origins and continuation of the Seven-Headed-Dragon and the War-Gods who were eventually reduced to demons in the emergence of Christianity. Baal, Ashtoreth, Resheph the God of Pestilence, Horon the Black Magickian-God who later re-emerged as John Dee’s ‘Choronzon’, Baal-of-Peor the later Belphagor and Dagan among others. The symbolism of the old gods is presented in depth including modern adaptations of authentic rituals and invocations from temple cult records.

Necromancy and divination have authentic roots in the magick within this grimoire, identifying and invoking such Biblical-enemies such as Baal-Zebub, Baal-Peor, Kemosh, the Rephaim (Nephilim) and many others. The ancient words of power, hymns and methods of invoking are described along with the pragmatic path of luciferian self-initiation. The Demonic origins of ‘Choronzon’ are revealed in this grimoire as well based on etymological and ritual texts of old. Maps, Authentic Moabite, Ugairitc and Aramaic scripts utilized now as a powerful ‘magickial script’ for spells and workings make this grimoire one of the most forbidden and dangerous ones of the occult genre as these rites and methods of balanced and authentic. The Light of Lucifer and his ancient origins are revealed to the self-liberated Black Adept.

Christianity and the origins of Yahweh are outlined for the purpose of providing guidance and education to those seeking to self-liberation from a religion of the slave-mentality and a guilt-ridden, self-destructive society. The foundation of this grimoire is Balance between the darkness and light; each is unequivocally Luciferian and the wealth of knowledge concerning the Old Gods and Demons will provide insight into the origins of the Deific Mask we call the Adversary.


Some Noted Features:

-Luciferian ideology, moral and philosophical approach, history of Canaan, Syria, The Philistines, Moabites, Syro-Egyptian influence, Ammonites, Mari, Hittites and the Pantheons within.

-Descriptions, Cult ‘Names of Power’, locations of temples including authentic modern rituals and workings with realistic goals for material and spiritual development.

-Maps, Key Temple locations, architecture examples of Baal, Baal-Zebub temples, altar descriptions, consecration rituals, methods of sorcery, necromancy and demonology and the rites of divination including communion with Dagan and Baal-Zebub by dreams.

-Ancient Magickial scripts using authentic Aramaic, Moab/Philistine and Ugaritic cuneiform and how to inscribe ‘Words of Power’ for spells.

-Methods of offering to the Gods and Demons including Incense, Libation and Blood offering as a personal connection with the ancient powers.

-Luciferian initiation via the Cult of the Daemon or the True Will (Azal’ucel), the Daemon as the center of all magickial acts aimed at earthly self-excellence and the immortality of the psyche and inner-god.

-Origins of Demonology including the First to the Twelfth Century development of Demons and Evil Spirits including the Luciferians ‘self-initiation’ with primal forces.

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