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by Michael Ford on March 14, 2016

Ishtar/Inanna is a very powerful goddess who appears in numerous deific masks or goddess-forms throughout the Mesopotamian pantheon. Ishtar is both a goddess of intense beauty, sexual desire and also a warlike spirit of violence and mastery. Ishtar is called a “wolf” as in “you are a wolf sent forth to snatch a lamb” and is the sister of Ereshkigal.

Ishtar is a daughter of Anu as well, making her a sister to Lamashtu. Ishtar is a complex and complete goddess, having a balanced character as an individual.

Depicted as a sexual goddess, she is shown with standing with one leg revealed; her slight frame is supported by her divine fire of being. She wears the horned cap of divinity and is represented as the Morning and Evening Stars. For this alone, she is the original prototype of the Hellenic-Roman “Lucifer” or bringer of light.  Ishtar/Inanna is also directly related to the Syrian Goddess Astartoth.

The principle cult centers of Inanna Uruk, Nineveh and Erbil.

Inanna/Ishtar was highly interesting as she is not a “mother goddess”, rather she was a goddess of sexual love and her priestesses would participate in temple prostitution. Ishtar is also a warrior goddess; the battle grounds of old were called the “playground of Ishtar”. She is shown with wings and many weapons extending from her body. Ishtar of Arbail/Arbela was the Assyrian war goddess.

As Luciferianism today is built from the foundations of the gods here and in other cultures, we see an interesting connection between Ishtar and Tiamat. In an obscure tablet entitled ‘Piristi Ilani Rabuti’ or “Secrets of the Great Gods[1] reveal that Ishtar of Nineveh is Tiamat, such is the Dark Mother was the wet-nurse of Bel.


[1] Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography, see bibliography.

-MASKIM HUL - Babylonian Magick by Michael W. Ford

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by Jeffrey Bryant on December 10, 2016

I find this information beyond interesting. I grew up a good Baptist boy. I never truly identified with the fundamentalit ideology. After 12 years in THE USMC, and 4 tours of combat later I didn’t have any religious beliefs outside of the Golden Dawn which I got involved with in 1986 in San Diego. I am now an Interfaith Minister. I am reading you books and find it fascinating. I look forward to reading and learning more.

Rev. Jeffrey Bryant M. Div.


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