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Liber Kaos - Chaos Magic for the Pandaemonaeon by Peter Carroll - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Liber Kaos - Chaos Magic for the Pandaemonaeon by Peter Carroll

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    (Revised and Expanded Edition) softcover 192 pages

    An advanced course in the practice of chaos magic written by one of its most respected practitioners—in a newly revised and expanded edition.

    Peter J. Carroll—renowned writer and practitioner of chaos magic—offers a remarkably clear presentation of the practice of chaos magic. His approach combines methods from shamanism, paganism, and chaos science.

    Liber Kaos includes:

    a selection of extremely powerful rituals and exercises for committed occultists
    instructions that lead the reader through new concepts and practices of chaos magic
    a magical training course for the individual or for groups, with details of the author’s magical order
    instructions for carrying out the essential rituals of chaos magic
    a fresh look at aeonics, cosmogenesis, auric magic, and shadow time, as well as the technical aspects of spells and equations

    Originally published by Weiser Books in 1992, this new edition is substantially revised and updated and includes new, previously unpublished material.


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