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Human Bone Tools

 Magick items created from human bones for use in Necromancy and Ahrimanic "Yatuk Dinoih" as published in the books of Michael W. Ford, for ritual workings invoking the Powers of Darkness and the Netherworld.

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 The Wand of the Lugidimak, Mesopotamian Necromancer Crystal End wand. Made from a real Human Rib Bone fitted with a crystal at the end. Inscribed with the cuneiform 'names of power' as described in Michael W. Ford's 'Maskim Hul- Babylonian Magick'. This wand is best utilized in rituals honoring the dead (as in ancestors) and exploring the in-between spaces between...

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 This Vampyre Ritual Human Bone Athame is Hand Made from Real a Human Rib Bone, cut and sharpened to a point which resembles a "fang", representing the predatory instinct of the Vampyric Sorcerer. The bone is then sealed and painted black representing the shadow and the astral body in night and darkness. The point and edge are painted blood red symbolizing the...

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The Yatukih Human Bone Athame is Handcrafted from "Real Human Rib Bone" cut and sealed at the end to a point.  These athames are inscribed on each side with Pahlavi/Avestan script with the names of Daevas and Ahriman. In Luciferianism, Michael W. Ford's revisionist cult of Yatukih is a path of self-liberation and self-determined power via the darkness of Angra Mainyu/Ahriman, Az...

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 The Rites of Luciferian Witchcraft, of Cain the symbolic First Satanist and Witch we have an authentic instrument of ceremonial sorcery. The athame is handcrafted from "Real Human Rib Bone" and is cut to a sharp point. A curved sacred dagger which curves as a crescent moon. The athame is not inscribed so that the Black Adept may inscribe their...

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 This wand is composed from human bone - Metacarpal (representing dead matter, Druj and the demonic spirit) and inscribed (burnt) into the Manichaean name of the Bride of Ahriman, called Az. She represents ‘disorderly motion’ or chaos, she is said to have been created to resemble black coal or pure darkness. She contains a fire (Black Flame) and seek to...