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Key to the Latin of Dr. John Dee's Spiritual Diaries BY DR STEPHEN SKINNER - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Key to the Latin of Dr. John Dee's Spiritual Diaries BY DR STEPHEN SKINNER

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    For students of John Dee's Hermetic and Enochian Magic.

    The famous journals of Dr. John Dee—Hermetic scholar, royal astrologer, and Renaissance luminary—document his conferences with angels and spirits, the development of the Enochian language, experiments in alchemy, and more. The Key to the Latin of Dr. John Dee’s Spiritual Diaries translates more than 50,000 Latin words from Dee's diaries. Latin passages and their English equivalent are featured side-by-side on facing pages.

    This book is an ideal companion to Dr. John Dee's Spiritual Diaries, the first reader-friendly, revamped, and corrected edition of A True & Faithful Relation of what passed for Many Years between Dr. John Dee...and Some Spirits... Together, they provide full access to Dee's spiritual diaries from 1583 to 1608.

    312 pages
    Size: 7 x 9 x 1 IN

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