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Lord of the Forest Wolf Wall Plaque

    Lord of the Forest Wolf Wall Plaque

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    Grey Snarling Werewolf Wall Plaque

    12" Inches tall or 30cm

    • Menacing Wolf Wall Plaque
    • Cast in the finest resin.
    • Painstakingly hand-painted.
    • 2 Keyhole hooks on reverse for hanging

    "A youth named Pierre de la Tilhaire, who lived at Saint-Antoine, one evening took him into the depths of a wood and brought him into the presence of the Lord of the Forest. This lord was a tall dark man, dressed all in black, riding a black charger. He saluted the two lads, and dismounting he kissed Jean, but his mouth was colder than ice. Presently he rode away down a distant glade. This was about three years ago, and on a second meeting he had given himself to the Lord of the Forest as his bond-slave. The Lord had marked both boys on each thigh with a kind of misericorde, or small stiletto. He had treated them well, and all swigged off a bumper of rich wine. The Lord had presented them each with a wolf-skin, which when they donned, they seem to have been transformed into wolves, and in this shape they scored the countryside. The Lord accompanied them, but in a much larger shape, (as he thought) as an ounce or a leopard. Before donning the skin they anointed themselves with an unguent. The Lord of the Forest retained the unguent and the wolf's pelt, but gave them to Jean whenever he asked for their use. He was bidden never to pare the nail of his left thumb, and it had grown thick and crooked like a claw. On more then one occasion he had seen several, of whom he recognized some four or five, with the Lord of the Forest, adoring him.

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