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Goetic Mala/Necklace of SITRI

    Goetic Mala/Necklace of SITRI

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    This goetic mala/necklace is unique as it is not created frequently due to the incense and ritual invocation performed once made (as to simply honor SITRI). 

    This Talismanic Mala/Necklace is dedicated to the spirit SITRI, one of the 72 Spirits of Solomon from the GOETIA. 

    The lead-free, pewter (antique finish), measuring about 1X1"inch, features the Sigil of Prince SITRI, whose power holds command over 60 Legions of Spirits. White skulls, representing the influence of Jupiter and the energy associated with seeking friendly and relations with those you wish. The reddish-white skulls, slightly larger, along with black skulls have a symbolic connection to balance the guidance that SITRI may inspire with the Prince' spirit if one seeks a specific goal and focus in this black magical tool. You may wear this or simply carry it on you for a supportive focus after an invocation to Sitra has been performed. We suggest Michael W. Ford's GOETIA OF SHADOWS for a strong foundation of modern goetic invocations and workings with the 72 Spirits of Solomon. 

    "The Twelfth Spirit is Sitri. He is a Great Prince and appeareth at first with a Leopard’s head and the Wings of a Gryphon, but after the command of the Master of the Exorcism he putteth on Human shape, and that very beautiful. He enflameth men with Women’s love, and Women with Men’s love; and causeth them also to show themselves naked if it be desired. He governeth 60 Legions of Spirits. His Seal is this, to be worn as a Lamen before thee, etc." - Goetia

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