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Apotheosis Michael W Ford
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    APOTHEOSIS: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Luciferianism & The Left-Hand Path by Michael W Ford

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    The New Pinnacle Of Luciferian Ascent What is Luciferian philosophy

    How do you apply it? How do you self-initiate into Luciferianism? What makes Luciferianism harmonious with, and parallel to, other Left-Hand Path schools of thought and traditions? Apotheosis elucidates the 11 Points of Power with in-depth explanation, examples of how to apply these 11 Points of Power, with deeper meanings behind them for the neophyte—the new seeker who is drawn to Luciferianism. Apotheosis elaborates the definitions of Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path, and clarifies what makes an individual “Left-Hand Path.”

    Apotheosis: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Luciferianism & the Left-Hand Path

    By Michael W. Ford

    Forward by E.A. Koetting

    Standard Hardcover & Softcover Editions, 6 x 9, 209 pp.

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