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Vampirism - Inspires Vampyre Magick & Astral Projection Glass Spell Candle - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Vampirism - Inspires Vampyre Magick & Astral Projection Glass Spell Candle

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    Vampyre Magick and Astral Projection

    Predatory Spirituality is a spiritually and physical discipline which, when applied consistently with intent of accumulating power in the development of the astral or shadow form, proves a beneficial path towards godhood and aligned with the law of nature. Utilizing these techniques will over time initiate the serious adept into the astral cult of the vampyre. The hours of sleep will be transformed into a refreshing, pleasurable and inspiring the feeling of power from leaving the physical via the astral body and feeding from the energy of your prey. Sexual experience, lycanthropic and shape assumption and attending the conclave of disincarnate personalities may be practiced in the dreaming mind. In Akhkharu and other works by Michael W. Ford, the cult and techniques are presented. 
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