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The Sun Lucifer (Satan) Luciferian Tarot Tapestries
The Sun Lucifer (Satan) Luciferian Tarot Tapestries
The Sun Lucifer (Satan) Luciferian Tarot Tapestries
The Sun Lucifer (Satan) Luciferian Tarot Tapestries

    The Sun Lucifer (Satan) Luciferian Tarot Tapestries

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    The Luciferian Tarot Series presents the depictions of the Adversary by the design of Michael W. Ford and the painted images from Nico Claux from the Out-of-Print Luciferian Tarot Deck (2007).

    The essence of all life, fiery passion and the creative aspect of the psyche. Lucifer, the Bringer of Self-Knowledge ascends as an Angelic figure - robed in white with bright eyes and the Black Flame illuminating as an emerald Eye in the center of his head. Lucifer holds a sword signifying separation from the natural order and the Will and Fiery spirit to oppose - the downward motion symbolizing the triumph of the will or victory over ignorance. Lucifer is surrounded with a blue aura - his astral body being self-illuminated with the light of the Angel of Light who has tasted the darkness. Lucifer's eyes present power and control, his wings are not shaped as a Bat or Demonic in form - signifying his mastery over the element of air and being also the Prince of Darkness as Ahriman. Lucifer has in his left hand the Black Book of the Adversary - the very grimoire of the Sorcerer - that which represents the knowledge or tools of self-initiation. The angelic appearance is cleverly presented in posture and initial appearance, yet a deeper wisdom is found in the eyes. Lucifer is a God of transformations. He is the Angel yet also the demon Ahriman, his form is serpent, dragon, angel, youth, beast, old man, and anything found in his desire. Think of how you may be fluid like Lucifer as well. Change and transformation is essential in survival and becoming.”– The First Book of Luciferian Tarot by Michael W. Ford

    This tapestry will create maximum design impact to your room. The one sided print is vivid and meant to last. Machine wash separately, cold water, delicate cycle, mild detergent, no bleach. Line Dry.

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