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The Heptagram Magical Phase Necklace - The Luciferian Apotheca

    The Heptagram Magical Phase Necklace

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    A pagan, Seven-pointed Star is inscribed within the triple moon and surrounded by the seven classical planets, to invoke all the energies of the cosmos. This is a very striking necklace in the shape of a triple moon inlaid with etched mirror featuring the seven-pointed star and planet symbols. In the Testament of Solomon the demons of the seven planets, found also in Zoroastrianism and Manicheanism, represent also in Gnosticism Archon's holding power over the planetary levels of transformation.

    Designed and hand made in England in fine English pewter. 

    Packaged in an Alchemy branded bag, with barcode, including Alchemy guarantee and care instructions.

    Approximate Dimensions:
    Width 2.87" x Height 1.30" x Depth 0.20" and Weight: 1.23oz
    Chain Length:
    Pendant hangs from a nickel-free chain with clasp fastener.
    Trace chain, approx. measuring 20" total
    Fine English Antiqued Pewter
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