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    "The Devil may have my Soul, but only you have my Heart" - Card

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    Flat Card: The Devil may have my Soul, but only you have my Heart 


    Embrace the dark love between two kindred souls, celebrated by the L.Apotheca as "Satanatine". This holiday merges elements of Satanism/Luciferianism and Valentine's Day, A perfect time to fiercely express your deep care for another. 


    Discover the allure of a "Flat Card" - a postcard-style card designed impeccably.


    There is a picture and greeting on the front, and the back is left blank for your message.

    These cards are of high quality and come with a white sealable envelope for each card.

    These 5 x 7" prints are beautifully printed on 120lb Silk Cover, which has a slight sheen without being too glossy.


    Sell your soul? We are a soul-selling free company. The Devil loves the strong of mind! All items sacred to the Infernal and Phosphorescent. 100% Left-Hand Path. Doing the Devil's Work Since 2007. Since you are reading this, here is a CODE to use for a 5% Discount: sellyoursoul (we know it is worth more but you get this just for reading!)