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Luciferian Ritual Magick Incense Spell Powders - The Luciferian Apotheca
Luciferian Ritual Magick Incense Spell Powders - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Luciferian Ritual Magick 'Satanas' Incense Spell Powders

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    Our Luciferian Incense Spell Powders are ideal for burning during ritual invocations, meditations and associated spells. Spell powders have the highest quality mixtures. Keep in mind Spell Powders as Necromancy and Satanas have a small amount of human bone powder added. Powders may feature Serpent skin/bones, Toad Skin/Bones, Goat Bones and other types depending on spell powder. May be used for PROTECTION/WEALTH, DESTRUCTION and LUST workings as well as High Magick/Luciferian Witchcraft, Yatuk Dinoih/Ahriman Sorcery, Voodoo/Hoodoo workings, Dark Wicca and Sex Magick Workings. Powders are used in these basic manners: Use with Talismans/Sigils for specific workings, burn with charcoal during spells, bury in a small pouch with talisman, keep on altar during and after rituals, etc. Do not consume spell powders, may contain sulfur.

    Contains self-burning incense powder  as well, which allows it to be burnt in spells and rituals.

    SATANAS - Infernal Rites such as Daemonic Invocation, Evocation, Ritual Workings of all types involving Daemonic Spirits or Energies. Composed of ground serpent skin, toad and other herbs.

    LILITH - Black Magick, Lust and Vampyrism. For workings involving the Dark Goddess, Black mirror workings, Vampyric Sorcery, Lust Workings, Consecrating Temple or Altar Area to Lilith and her associative spirits. Add your own red tincture for effectiveness.

    WITCHES SABBAT - Dream and Astral Sorcery. For burning before and during astral workings involving death posture, Zos Kia Workings, Luciferian Sabbat Workings, etc.

    NECROMANCY - Spirit Evocations, Dead Calling and works involving the Spirit World. Utilized for honoring the dead and inspiration of the shades of the underworld.

    DESTRUCTION - Burn with the Image of Enemy, Place on Property of enemy in corner or item.

    YATUK DINOIH - For consecrating the Black Flame (Ateshgah) and Daeva/Druj Workings. Add your own Hair/Nails for effectiveness in working and consecration. See Michael W. Ford's "Bible of the Adversary" for details on the powers of darkness.

    AZAZEL - The "Strong God", Azazel was an ancient epithet for the Canaanite God of Death, Mot (see "Dragon of the Two Flames") and during the Hellenic period the leader of the Watchers. Azazel taught wisdom of metals and forging weapons/shields/breastplates as well as instructing women and men in application of make-up and good hygiene. Burn this incense powder for invocations and energy workings on inspiring a strong will and logical plans towards your goals. Utilized also as Weapons Blessing, Consecrating area for Watchers/Grigori.

    TIAMAT - Awaken the Primal Darkness, burn for Offerings, Increase Power and the sorcery of "Maskim Hul" (Babylonian Magick) and Vampyrism (Black Order of the Dragon).

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