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Hecate: Inspire Witchcraft, Spells Magick/Desire Glass Spell Candle - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Hecate: Inspire Witchcraft, Spells Magick/Desire Glass Spell Candle

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    A 7 Day Glass Spell Candle dedicated to Hecate, used for inspiring mastery of your spellcraft, learning witchcraft, demonic sorcery, dream magick, candle magick, intuition, divination, spell casting and necromancy. 

    *due to weight of freight costs of shipping candles, pillar and glass candles, we are not shipping to Australia.

    Hecate Phosphorus Cthonios: The Dark Goddess & Initiator of Witches!

    A spell candle for Luciferian inner power, balance in darkness and light and the Adversarial Current found in those who have illuminated the Black Flame of consciousness. This candle is empowered and inspired with an ancient invocation to invoke the power and Deific Mask which will incarnate in a unique way for the Luciferian Adept or Witch devoted to her power. A simple introduction to Hekate as the Luciferian Witchcraft goddess, see "Book of the Witch Moon" and "Fallen Angels - Watchers and the Witches Sabbat" by Michael W. Ford.

    Hecate (Hekate), the Luciferian Witch Mother Spell Candle for rites of the inner fire. The Goddess of the Dead, Wolves and Vampiric Spirits. For use of rituals of the demonic feminine. She who is crowned in Oak Leaves and Coils of Snakes. "Hekate Brimo ... hearing his words from the abyss, came up ... She was garlanded by fearsome snakes that coiled themselves round twigs of oak; the twinkle of a thousand torches lit the scene; and hounds of the underworld barked shrilly all around her." - Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica

    "Brimo, night-wanderer of the underworld (nyktipolis khthonie), Queen of the dead (anassa eneroi)." - Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 3.840

    O Night-bellower, Lover of solitude, Bull-faced and Bull-headed One You have the eyes of bulls and the voice of dogs. Your forms are hidden in the legs of lions. Your ankle is wolf-shaped, and savage dogs are friendly to you, Wherefore they call you Hekate, Many-named, Mene, Cleaving the air like arrow-shooting Artemis. O Goddess of Four faces, Four names, Four ways, Artemis, Persephone, Deer-shooter, Night-shiner,” – Ancient Hymn to Hecate

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