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Adversary: Inspire Motivation/Drive Glass Spell Candle - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Adversary: Inspire Motivation/Drive Glass Spell Candle

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     This glass spell candle presents a Luciferian meditation invocation of the Adversary as the strong, motivating and balanced one. Baphomet, in Qlippoth called 'Chioa' (the Beast) is the one born from the Infernal Union of Samael & Lilith, encircled by Leviathan begets the Black Alchemical offspring - Baphomet (the Beast or Cain). This spell candle should be burnt for 7 Days, Focusing on Balance and the driving Adversarial spirit of Samael and Lilith. This spell candle is used to inspire balance between spiritual desire and carnal/material impulses. Samael is conquering strength, rational logic and strategic thought, the Black Serpent. Lilith is fiery emotional power, energy and desire, motivation and inspiration via the imagination and carnal desire. Lilith is the Red Serpent. The Infernal Union of Samael and Lilith find balance within the Luciferian Adept, a basic foundation of introductory Luciferianism.

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