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Seal of Lucifer
Seal of Lucifer Pendant
Seal of Lucifer back
Seal of Lucifer Pendant
Seal of Lucifer Pendant
Seal of Lucifer Pendant

    Seal of Lucifer Pendant

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    Size 1¼" X 1¼", high quality heavy pewter with cord.

    The Seal of Lucifer is duplicated from the "Grimoirium Verum", dated 1513 (or later) and is one part of the complete "Sigil of Lucifer". This seal, an element in invocation or evocation of the Spirit. The Luciferian Apotheca has reproduced this seal in a beautiful, high quality piece with the inscription of "The Seal of Lucifer" on the reverse side. 

    Comes with a cord (chain not included).

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