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Rude Awakening Value Gift Box - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Rude Awakening Value Gift Box

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      Are you ready for a "Rude Awakening" ? What is a Rude Awakening? It's a Value box filled with items from Luciferian Apotheca's Past, Present and Future !

      The retail price of the items in each box, will exceed the dollar value that pay you for the box. That means you will be saving anywhere between 10% and 50% on the total items in your box.

      Discounts cannot be used on boxes because the items in the box are already discounted.

      Please include your T-shirt size, Ring Size and Gender (If you want it gender specific) in the Special Instructions Section, when placing your order so that we can customize your box to your specifications. 

      Items in the box will include:

      Past: Items that are old favorites, rarities, discontinued and items that are no longer made.  

      Present: Items currently listed on our site.

      Future: Brand new items, Items not yet featured on our site and test items.

      Why should you get one of these Rude Awakening Boxes?

      1. They make great gifts for that special someone in need of a rude awakening.

      2. Great way to try out products you didn't even know you were missing.

      3. Don't know what to get? Let us hand pick items we know your going to love.

      4. Bargain hunters looking to get more for their money !

      5. Occult by definition means hidden and the left hand path is all about the mystery !

      ** Rude awakening boxes are not returnable**

      If you receive a defective item, that item may be exchanged for the exact same item.  If you don't like the items that were curated for you, next time order the items you want, instead of a "MysteryBox"

      Sell your soul? We are a soul-selling free company. The Devil loves the strong of mind! All items sacred to the Infernal and Phosphorescent. 100% Left-Hand Path. Doing the Devil's Work Since 2007. Since you are reading this, here is a CODE to use for a 5% Discount: sellyoursoul (we know it is worth more but you get this just for reading!)

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