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Athame of Cain (Qayin) First of Witch-Blood & Consecration Ritual - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Athame of Cain (Qayin) First of Witch-Blood & Consecration Ritual

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    In the Luciferian Witchcraft and other traditions such as 1734 (Tubal Cain), honor the symbol of Cain (and Tubal-Cain, Qayin) as the Son of Samael and Lilith (by possession of Eve), born as the First of Witch Blood and first Satanist. As one of the first Nephilim (born of divine and human alchemical birth), the Sabbatic and Luciferian Black Witchcraft practices (as published in Luciferian Witchcraft by Michael W Ford, Fallen Angels - Watchers & the Witches Sabbat; Book of the Witch Moon; Bible of the Adversary; Luciferian Tarot) aligns a decidedly Left-Hand Path initiatory path of solitary ordeal and the Leviathanic path to enhance the Black Flame. The symbolic murder of Abel and Cains' blood offering to his Daemon is represented by the Neophyte by force of will sacrificing the profane shell, igniting with the Black Flame to immolate and destroy the restrictive beliefs, monotheistic slave-religion to emerge in the Triad of the Morning Star (Liberation, Illumination, Apotheosis). Cain is thus a Deific Mask and like Azazel, a Tutelary Deity of Luciferian Witchcraft.

    This athame is a magickial weapon of turning the blade from ones' self outward to direct his or her will upon the path of the serpent.

    **Blade Length: 9 1/4" long and 1/4" wide.

    **Comes with a Qayin -Cain charging tool for Luciferian rites.

    *You must refer to the LAWS OF IMPORT in your country / state.

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