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Power of Destruction & Protection from Accidents Talisman - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Power of Destruction & Protection from Accidents Talisman

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    This Black Magic Amulet gives the Power to destroy along with the Power to Protect. 

    1 1/4" a 22" chain. Sizes are approximate. Solid, Quality Pewter Pendant.

    From the grimoire known as The Black Pullet,

    It has the power to destroy everything;

    to cause the fall of hail, thunderbolts and stars from heaven;

    to occasion earthquakes, storms and so forth.

    At the same time it preserves the both Friends and the Possessor of the Amulet from accidents.

    The magical words are:

    DITAU, HURANDOS, for works of destruction;

    RIDAS, TALIMOL, to command the elements; 

    ATROSIS, NARPIDA; for the fall of hail, etc;

    UUSUR, ITAR, for earthquakes;

    HISPEN, TROMADOR; for hurricanes and storms;

    PARANTHES, HISTANOS, for the preservation of friends and onesself." - The Rituals of Black Magic, The Book of Ceremonial Magic, The Black Pullet. 

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