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Money Attracting Writing Kit - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Money Attracting Writing Kit

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    For Your Magickal Seals, Sigils, Talismans and Spells

    This Money attracting writing kit contains 5 sheets of parchment, 1 quill pen & 1 bottle of Money Green magical ink to create magic seals, spells & petitions of money, growth & fertility.

    Financial stability and the rational desire for money is a basic requirement for any Luciferian, Witch, or Satanist who is seeking a comfortable life. You can create a spell whenever you have need. Simply write your desire, purpose, and will accelerate energies to subtly shape good fortune. Amplify your spells by writing and casting during the waxing cycle of the Moon, certain Sun phases as well as planetary day and time. Goetia Spirits, many of the 72 Demons hold keys and powers to inspire and guide a magician towards receiving paths towards monetary gain. Solomonic demons such as Asmodai, Seer, Barbatos, Purson, Foras, Raum, Shax, Gremory, Volac, Cimeries, and Andromalius are a few in the Goetia tradition.

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