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Magick of the Ancient Gods by Michael W. Ford Softcover / Hardcover - The Luciferian Apotheca
Softcover 'Magick of the Ancient Gods' by Michael W. Ford
Hardcover Edition

    Magick of the Ancient Gods by Michael W. Ford Softcover / Hardcover

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    Magick of the Ancient Gods - Chthonic Paganism and the Left Hand Path by Michael W. Ford

    Succubus Productions (2009)

    252 Pages (Softcover and Hardcover)

    THE GODS OF ABOVE AND BELOW FROM THE LEFT HAND PATH Perhaps you have sought for the hidden mysteries of the old gods, only to find a one-sided “white light” interpretation, the shadow often being diluted to suit general public consumption. If you have sought the Pagan gods in their balanced form – being of both light and darkness, you will be able to pass through the veiled tests of “good” and “evil” to understanding human nature and spirituality. Magick of the Ancient Gods presents techniques adapted from ancient hymns, spells and rituals from long overlooked Greek, Roman and Eastern religious lore as well as the role of the Olympian and Chthonic Gods in spirituality. The Left Hand Path offers instruction and guidance towards working with these Gods and Goddesses to become “God Manifest” or transforming the self into a living deific power.

    • Key symbols of the Graeco-Roman and Hellenic Deities and how to utilize the pantheon in Magick.
    • Rituals constructed from ancient hymns and authentic rituals in a dark print to stand out in candle light.
    • Purpose and meaning behind libations (pouring out liquid) and incense (fumigation) as sacrifice to the gods and demons.
    • Powerful rites invoking both Infernal (Hecate, Typhon, Ekhidna, Hermes Chthonis, Hades) and Empyrean (Zeus Nikephoros, Apollo, Artemis, Demeter, Helios, Dionysus) and how to use these powers in a Luciferian and Left Hand Path perspective.
    • A powerful ritual of "Invocation of Typhon the Hidden God" as the motivating demonic force to inspire the sorcerer to power and insight in the carnal and spiritual world.
    • Lunar rituals and their source now utilized in many Witchcraft traditions. The dark rituals of Hecate in a basic form are revealed here.
    • A simple grimoire which lays the foundation for forthcoming Luciferian publications centered on the ancient pantheons and their new manifestation in a modern world.
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