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Deities & Demons Incense

    Luciferian Gods & Demons Incense Collection

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     Our Incense are hand blended and mixed by Luciferian practitioners. Intended for ritual workings and Magickal practice. Beautifully packaged. 15 sticks/cones to a package.

    Lucifer - the light bringer and manifestation as the Venus -Morning and Evening Star, the Milton - inspired Satan as liberator. Also for the Witch Queen Diana Lucifera - Incense for the invocation of Artemis-Hecate in her manifestation as Venus or the Morning Star, known as Hecate Phosphorus or Lucifer. " Nor do the shadows lack a divine power: Latonia’s [Artemis-Hekates’] haunting presence is added to the grove ... Her arrows whistle unseen through the wood, her hounds bay nightly, when she flies from her uncle’s [Hades] threshold and resumes afresh Diana’s kindlier shape"- Statius, Thebaid. Artemis-Hecate or Diana Lucifera is the guardian of the mysteries, the balanced one who illuminates the path of the seeker. 

    Lilith - Goddess of Night (and Wind) Spirits, Demons and bride of Samael.

    Leviathan -  Leviathan, the great dragon of the abyssic waters is an ideal blend which inspires the darkest desires and the primordial instincts of the practitioner. Leviathan is known from Yamm Nahar, 'Judge Nahar' with 'judge' being akin to 'ruler'.

    Hecate - Goddess of the Moon, Sorcery, Witchcraft and the Necromancy. Hecate Phosphorus is related to the Luciferian archetype as Diana Lucifera, Hecate who carries the torch.

    Asmodeus - Nephilim -turned - demon king, son of a fallen angel and human woman in myth. Asmodeus inspires fiery passion and desire towards earthly mastery in Balance.

    Belial - Lord of the Earth, demon king of mastering the Black Magickial art of cause and effect.

    LucifugeThis shadowy and aerial blend of ritual chamber incense is dedicated to Lucifuge Rofocale, the spirit of the Grand Grimoire and the Luciferian tradition. Ideal for working with the spirit whose name means, "Fly the Light".

    Ningishzida - Fertility Underworld Serpent-god incense.  As presented in Maskim Hul, Sumerian Ningishzida is shown here as a caduceus, representing fertility and balanced wisdom in the underworld flanked by two protective mushussu dragons of Tiamat. For those seeking to go beyond good and evil into the natural magick of balance, of the chthonic realms...Incense for divination, healing, fertility and inner strength.

    Pazuzu - King of Lil-Demons (wind-spirits such as Lilith) is the protector of the home and the instructor of the sorcery of desert spirits, a striking blend of scorpio-inspired herbs with a powerful aroma. Pazuzu is also known for protecting mothers from his fellow demon-goddess, Lamastu. More recently, the possessing demon-hero of the Horror film, The Exorcist.

    Samael - Prince of the demons, and a significant figure both in Talmudic literature, where he appears as the enemy of the Hebrew God and his followers. Samael Incense is a fiery and powerful blend yet suitable for meditation as well. Samael is called "chief of Satans", like the term "the prince of the devils" mentioned in Matt. 34 but, on the other hand, he is "the great prince in heaven." who rules over angels and powers. As the incarnation of power he is the celestial patron of the sinful empire of Rome, He flies through the air like a bird and, while the ḥayyot and ofannim have only six wings, he has twelve, and commands a whole army of demons. In so far as he is identified with the serpent ("J. Q. R." vi. 12), with carnal desire which is called Yezer ha-Ra and with the angel of death, all legends associated with Satan refer equally to him, while as a rebel he is compared to Belial ( = "without a master").

    Tiamat - Tiamat, Omoroca, Thalatth...the ancient Mesopotamian draconian pre-cosmic (and Anti-Cosmic) Abyssic principle of the Salt Water Sea. Tiamat is protean in form, taking horrific and theriomorphic shapes while visualized as a vast Dragon. The Dragon is also an ancient symbol of Chaos. The pre-cosmic Chaos is within the oldest streams of Left-Hand Path Magick based on our primal origins and the Abyss. 

    Nergal - Lord of the Underworld (Mesopotamia = Babylonian, Assyrian) - Mars inspired incense, martial and warlike; also used for Necromancy and invocations of demonic energies.

    Dagan - Dagan is the 'Lord of the Ordeal', a mighty weapon bearing and inspiring god who inspired numerous conquerors in the ancient near east including Sargon I, Naram-Sin and many more. Dagan is the biblical enemy of Yahweh and is made the villain in the bible. Burn this incense to focus on shaping your future and conquering your inner and outer challenges/obstacles. Dagan inspires self-renewal (fertility) and the strength of mind to command. An earthy aroma.

    Baal -  For offering incense in invocations of Baal Hadad the ancient Canaanite God of Storms. For focusing on the establishment of order in your life. Baal is also etymologically related to the Goetia King, BAEL, Beelzebub & identified with the Egyptian god, Set.

    Hades - God of the Underworld: Incense of Spirit and Shades of the dead. Hades, his very name meaning 'the unseen one'. 

    Chemosh (Ashtar-Chemosh, Kemosh) Enemy of Yahweh who is associated with the ancient Ugaritic deity, Ashtar (Lucifer) from the Baal Cycle. Chemosh was also the Moabite Sun god with power including War, Venus (love and conflict - see Ishtar) as well as his Underworld manifestation as "Kemosh of the Dust and Darkness". 

    Isis (Aset) - For the Goddess of the Earth, Heavens and the Underworld; Aset (Isis) the great power of insight and the 'throne' of self-determined future. 

    Zeus Stratios Nikephoros (Zeus of War, Holding Victory): The Hellenistic and Greek God, Lord of the Sky and so-named "Satan" by the letters of Paul in early Christianity, the city of Zeus' throne in the city of Pergamon as the "Throne of Satan". 

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