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Lucifer Satan Ruler of the Powers of the Air

    Luciferian Altar Cloth - Invocation Names of Lucifer (as Satan)

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    An authentic and truly deep sorcerous design by Michael W. Ford, this is a talismanic invocation so designed by the principles of the Names of Power and Epithets calling the Satanic Spiritual guidance of Lucifer Kosmokrator, which has a deep magical origin and meaning. In Gnostic and well known biblical texts including Ephesians: Kosmokrator, an epithet of Satan (in Gnosticism, SAMAEL) meaning world-ruler. While the Kosmokrator epithet is applied to other demons and deific masks (see Michael W. Ford's "Demons of Solomon" for the Rulers of this World of Darkness), this formula summons the Deific Mask of kosmokratōr, "Lord of this World" and "Prince of this Age". Satan as Kosmokrator recalls the fallen angelic or demonic powers controlling (and influencing) the sublunary world. Lucifer, the deific mask having several types of powers including the Morning and Evening Star, is simultaneously a powerful deity, fallen angel, demonic ruler and patron spirit whose other names (including Azazel, Samael, Beelzebub, Ashtar, Attar, etc.) conceal specific types of energy and traits that Black Magick utilizes towards Apotheosis.

    The subtle Greek translations of the additional epithet translating, "Ruler of the Powers of the Air" and the epithet of Satan recalls balance between spiritual and material (real world) power by thoughts, words, and actions in life.

    The Triangle of Goetic Theurgy from Michael W Ford's tradition brings strength and power (along with honor and respect towards these energies and spirits) to the invocation of LUCIFER with his Sigil, AZAZEL brings golden fire (a symbol of Samael and the forge of black flame) of both demonic and angelic mastery in Magick.

    This design is produced by L. Apotheca from a forthcoming Luciferian Grimoire by Michael W. Ford.

    This altar cloth features a one sided print with hemmed edges. Care instructions: Cold water delicate cycle, hang to dry. No bleach. SIZE: 24" X 24" Inches.

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