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Lucifer Nephilim (Azazel / Samael) Pendant - The Luciferian Apotheca
Lucifer Nephilim (Azazel / Samael) Pendant - The Luciferian Apotheca
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    Lucifer Nephilim (Azazel / Samael) Pendant

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    This Exclusive Talisman necklace is here! Finished with Black Enamel to bring out the sigil of Lucifer and the Names of Power (Azazel and Samael).  The Lucifer Azazel (azazyl), Azael(azal) and Samael (smal) encircled in Hebrew around the Lucifer sigil, empowering and charging the pendant with the name and logos of the fallen angel and "Prince of the Powers of the Air", which represents the old gods of self-illumination. The Nephilim is a symbol of the Luciferian who is balanced in Spirit (Fallen Angels, of the element air or heaven) and flesh (Daughters of Cain, Earth). 1.5, high quality lead-free pewter. Designed by Michael W. Ford, author of "Adversarial Light - Magick of the Nephilim". This quality pewter medallion is 2.0" inches, 

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