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Satanic Altar Cloth - Lucifer Nephilim Sigil - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Satanic Altar Cloth - Lucifer Nephilim Sigil

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    24" x 24" inches

    Michael W. Ford formulated and designed this Sigil-Talisman which is centered with the exaltation of the Black Flame and the Spirit of LUCIFER. The sigil of Lucifer is the foundational center within the Circle, while three Hebrew Names of Power encircle and command the fallen angels / demonic spirits who are commonly identified throughout history and lore as the Adversary being Lucifer / Samael.

    The names Azazel (the fallen angel / Watcher who instructed humanity on the skills of forging swords, daggers, shields and weapons in general - representing MARS / WAR or Venus the Morning Star in middle eastern lore - along with beautification and glamour make-up skills - representing Venus the Evening Star, al-Uzza as the spirit of the Nightside). Azazel is also the Goat-Devil and Fallen Angel who possesses many forms and is represented with 12 Wings, this ancient name meaning, "The Strong God" is a proper name for SATAN.

    Azazel also is associated with SATURN depending on the nature of your invocations. The fallen angel Azael is a manifestation of Azazel as the Teacher of the Black Arts and Magick in general. The third name is Samael who is a mighty fallen Seraphim / Angel who has origins in ancient Syria / Mesopotamia as both Shamal and Samas. Samael in Hebrew lore is the Archangel of Rome associated with MARS and is a name also for SATAN. SAMAEL is known as the Angel of Death and Poison and is the Archon who is the ruler of the World and emanates as the Godhead of Satanic Power in the Qliphoth, along with his equal and bride, LILITH.

    Encircled in Hebrew around the Lucifer sigil, this Symbol of deep Luciferian powers and subtle energies of the Black Arts exalt and focus the Luciferian to assume the mental and spiritual energies of the fallen angel and "Prince of the Powers of the Air", which represents the old gods of self-illumination. The Nephilim is a symbol of the Luciferian who is balanced in Spirit (Fallen Angels, of the element air or heaven) and flesh (Daughters of Cain, Earth).

    The Lucifer Nephilim Sigil-Talisman is a subconscious key towards the Great Work of Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis within the Luciferian Tradition. Originally revealed in Michael W. Ford's ADVERSARIAL LIGHT (Succubus Productions Publishing 2009).

    This altar cloth features a one sided print with hemmed edges. Care instructions: Cold water delicate cycle, hang to dry. No bleach.

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