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Hecate & The Black Arts by Michael W. Ford - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Hecate & The Black Arts by Michael W. Ford

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    Liber Necromantia


    Illustrated by Leonardo Avila, Chris Undirheimar, Asenath Mason, Mitchell Nolte, Ramses Melendez, & Daniel Corcuera.

    Hecate & The Black Arts is a complete recension of Luciferian theory and praxis within Graeco-Roman lore as an immersive grimoire of Necromancy, Black Magick & Hecatian Witchcraft.

    • A clear & concise introduction including ancient Greek mythology, religious & magical practices with a focus on the Underworld & Hecate. As a syncretic adaptation, this tome introduces, defines, & establishes several possible methods of modern adaptation for the Left-Hand Path aspirant, sourced from Graeco-Roman, Hellenistic, & Hermetic esoteric teachings from successive periods in the ancient world.
    • Luciferian theory & modern Magickial practices on several levels, from beginner to the advanced Black Adept.
    • Immersive compositions & guided explanations of primal Chaos and the lawless Abyss of Tartarus, Hades, & assuming Godforms/Deific Masks of the daimones & deities.
    • The Hecatian Witchcraft & the many paths from the Crossroads, inclusive of the Luciferian initiatory practices of Liberation, Illumination, & Apotheosis.
    • Theory & Methods (ancient & modern) of Necromancy & the spiritual ‘Otherness’ of an ancient metaphysical framework which can be adapted to attain results.


    HECATE explores the historical, mytho-magical & esoteric origins & meanings of the ancient Greek deities & daimones of HADES. Michael W. Ford carefully unveils the liminal powers of Hecate as the Gatekeeper between necromantic and the earthly energies associated with the Goddess of Witchcraft, Necromancy, & Daimonic powers – to be approached on several layers of spiritual, mental, and physical experiences to attain Luciferian Apotheosis.

    This is a grimoire dedicated to the Nightside aspects and incarnations of Hecate, including some of her darkest manifestations and those forces in which she holds sway over. Hecate is depicted in classical form, also in an iconography presenting the goddess of the underworld, witchcraft, and necromancy as having an abyssic, shadowy form devoid of gender, anthropomorphic depiction, and any aura of slight ambivalence.

    The structure of this book contains several layers of composite mysteries which immerse the aspirant in a liminal experience between the practical, rational, metaphysical, spiritual, & subtle stages of Luciferian initiation so practiced by different ceremonial & non-ceremonial techniques of Magick. 

    The gateway to the methodology of initiation within this Grimoire has several layers of initiatory guidance, beginning with the representation of Hecate as the abyssic Queen of Hades and Erebus, incubation and subtle guidance is the way towards the deeper abyssic path of initiation. Ford begins with the modern philosophy of Luciferianism & the syncretic emergence from ancient pantheons focused on both a rational, mentally transformative, spiritually demonic to gradually actualize the energies & powers possessed by Hecate & the pantheon of the Underworld.

    The text itself is set in motion by the meditational reading and subconscious immersion in the descriptive mythological levels of Hades and the hordes of Hecate. Beyond the invocations, spells and rituals in traditional structure, the hidden lore of the Nightside is experienced by incubating and dream-flight amid the opening of the hellish darkness of Tartarus.

    Beautifully illustrated throughout by occult artists including Mitchell Nolte, Leonardo Avila, Chris Undirheimar, Asenath Mason, & Ramses Melendez. Michael W. Ford applies the composition and structure of the writing with a designed methodology. Magick is practiced simultaneously from the interaction of illustration, symbol, & prose dedicated to HECATE & the underworldly shadows. The subtle power in this work is like a black mirror reflecting from the subconscious & beyond so summoned the meeting of Daimon and Flesh at the Crossroads.

    290 Pages, 6 x 9 & is published in several editions:

    • Softcover, Hardcover, & Digital standard editions available from Succubus Productions Publishing / LUCIFERIAN APOTHECA.
    • Limited Deluxe Leather & Cloth hand-numbered editions available from Manus Sinistra.
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