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Hecate Goddess of Necromancy and Magick Resin Finished Statue - The Luciferian Apotheca
Hecate of the Heavens, Earth & Underworld Statue

    Hecate Statue Bone Color

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    Hand Painted Resin Size: 5 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 10 1/2"

    The Greek Hecate along with Persephone and Haides (Hades) presided over the oracles of the dead and the art of nekromankia (necromancy), the summoning/evocation of ghosts/spirits of the dead. Hecate is presented here in a beautifully balanced modern (yet traditional) representation of the goddess. With a radiate diadem, a coiled serpent (symbolizing fertility, the Underworld and forbidden knowledge), a dagger/athame in her right hand and a fiery skull staff representing her power over necromancy and the realm of the dead. 

    "Brimo, night-wanderer of the underworld (nyktipolis khthonie), Queen of the dead (anassa eneroi)." - Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 3.840

    "Out of Erebos and Chaos she called Nox (Night) and the Di Nocti (Gods of Night) and poured a prayer with long-drawn wailing cries to Hecate ... a groan came from the ground, the bushes blanched, the spattered sward was soaked with gouts of blood, stones brayed and bellowed, dogs began to bark, black snakes swarmed on the soil and ghostly shapes of silent spirits floated through the air." - Ovid, Metamorphoses 10.403

    On her cult of Necromancy:

    "The Sibyl [performing the rites of necromankia at the oracle of the dead at Cumae] first lined up four black-skinned bullocks, poured a libation wine upon their foreheads, and then, plucking the topmost hairs from between their brows, she placed these on the altar fires as an initial offering, calling aloud upon Hecate, powerful in heaven and hell. While other laid their knives to these victim’s throats, and caught the fresh warm blood in bowls, Aeneas sacrifices a black-fleeced lamb to Nox (Night), the mother of the Furiae, and her great sister, Terra (earth), and a barren heifer to Proserpine. Then he [Aeneas] set up altars by night to the god of the Underworld [Hades], laying upon the flames whole carcases of bulls and pouring out rich oil over the burning entrails. But listen! - at the very first crack of dawn, the ground underfoot began to mutter, the woody ridges to quake, and a baying of hounds was heard through the half-light: the goddess was coming, Hecate. [a path then opened up for the Sibyl & Aeneas to travel down to Hades]." - Virgil, Aeneid 6.257

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