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Grand Luciferian Circle Long Sleeve T-Shirt

    Grand Luciferian Circle Long Sleeve Shirt

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    This Sigil (to focus upon) and Ceremonial Circle (from 'Sorcery' meaning 'to encircle') vibrates forbidden Names of Power, Shadow-tongue to summon and bind Qlippothic & Vampyric energies within the Luciferian circle in center. The Black Adept, feeling the energy pulsing around him takes the act of the Adversary or Cain, within the Triangle ruthlessly breathes in deeply, visualizing devouring the life force or spiritual energies within. A dangerous ritual which allows either a conquering outcome or perhaps becoming prey for those forces failed to consume, the desired manifestation is the coming forth of your Higher Self or Daemon. This Grand Circle is utilized in "The Linage of Cain, the Shadow Born of Witch Blood" in "Book of the Witch Moon" by Michael W. Ford and may be adapted in acts of predatory spirituality (the Nightside) with Ford's other published grimoires. The origin of this Grand Luciferian Circle is from Akhtya's initiation in a Vampyric Nightside Order and Coven in the 1990's. While dark and sinister as well as mentally dangerous or empowering, Balance of Lucifer as the Light and Dark Bringer within the Luciferian is the hidden foundation.

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