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    Goetia of Shadows Michael W Ford

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    GOETIA OF SHADOWS is an updated, advanced and Luciferian pragmatic grimoire for the modern practitioner. This edition of the Lemegethon applies medieval sorcery techniques to the modern, Luciferian Mind to bring forth measurable results in this world now. This edition contains stunning color art of Lucifer and Amaimon, both added along with Beelzebub to the Lemegethon for the first time. GOETIA OF SHADOWS is a beautifully illustrated new way of working with Goetic Sorcery from a Luciferian perspective. Goetia is a word which depicts ‘sorcery’ and is derived from ancient Greek descriptions of those who raise the shades of the dead by evocation, from which the word ‘howling’ is associated with. The sorcerers would howl and wail at the tombs the very words of power which commanded the spirits to manifest around them. We see that the term goes “sorcerer” and psychagogos “soul-charmer” are associated with those who raise and gain power from the souls of the dead. The ancient rites of necromancy are the foundations and quite similar in approach to the Lemegethon and the original manuscripts. Goetic rites within this grimoire are focused on everyday mundane achievements within the world we live in. Knowledge, sex, power, revenge and defense are focused on here.Black and White Sketch Illustrated Hardcover Edition, 6X9 182 Printed Pages

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