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Eosphoros & Hesperos Digital Download - The Luciferian Apotheca

    Eosphoros & Hesperos Digital Download

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    "Eosphoros & Hesperos" is a ceremonial music album composed by Michael W. Ford exclusively for the Greater Church of Lucifer. Eosphoros & Hesperos is a journey into the vast soundscape of the Luciferian spirit. Composed and produced with dark male and female choirs, merging with the cacophony of a abyssic fall and the heights of the blazing empyrean of the godlike realms of the Watchers. Michael W. Ford composed this album specifically for the Greater Church of Lucifer and the ceremonies of the physical church. The various compositions utilizing dark chants, meditation-inspiring dark ambient, church organs praising the ascent of the Black Flame of Apotheosis and the Daemonic host gathering upon the heights of Mount Hermon of the Book of Enoch. This album also presents a spoken ritual from "Bible of the Adversary" and an middle eastern "Shaitan" inspired piece recalling Melek Taaus. This composition is prepared with classical instruments, frame drums, timpani and haunting backgrounds honoring the four pillars of the GCOL - Balance, Wisdom, Power & Strength.All proceeds from the sale of this album go to the support of the Greater Church of Lucifer.

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