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Demon Oils Ritual Magick

    L.Apotheca Demon Oils

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     Ritual oils are used to anoint the practitioner or the talisman / sigil before a working. No matter if you are performing a Luciferian Witchcraft or Satanic Ritual, the oils offered here not only are excellent rites but daily wear. The oils are top quality and mixed from essential oils. *Our ritual oils are hand made, mixed with the highest quality standards by Luciferian Witches. Intended for ritual workings and Magickal practice. Each oil may be used to anoint in sorcerous workings or a few drops added to a burner.

    Ahriman - The Lord of Darkness known as Angra Mainyu; the king and god over Daevas, Druj and the spirits of predators. Inspired by Michael W. Ford's Yatuk Dinoih texts.

     Astovidat - Contain Human Bone Powder. Astovidat is the demon of death created by Ahriman. His name 'bone divider' and 'evil flyer' brings the Yatukan closer to the primal path of darkness, the predatory spirit of the beast, serpent and powers of darkness. Astovidat is the vampyric hunger for life, let loose upon earth by Ahriman. A strong blend bringing to mind desert, mountain and the cold touch of death, complete with fine human bone dust fragments create a unique and attractive aroma. **$1.00 Price difference due to real Human bone powder that is added to this oil***

    Asmodeus - Knowledge and path to power, lust and survival instinct.

    Belial - For obtaining power at your job, earth mastery (strategically directing your energies towards beneficial ends, identifying restrictive beliefs, out-maneuvering and conquering your obstacles and rivals), Belial represents intuition concerning the natural world (i.e. animals, forests, deserts, the wilderness in general) and the balance between predatory and prey; the Law of Nature. Beliar (a variant of the name) is connected with the satanic and lawless angel (and demon) whose force of will and cunning nature inspires towards balance and utilizing the powers of darkness.

    Az - Queen of Demons, Manichaean, Zurvanite (Zoroastrian) devouring demoness, bride of Ahriman the Spirit of Darkness. For rituals seeking the primal instinct and hunger of the conscious mind, thus self-discipline, inner-strength, power and lustful desire.

    Lilith-seduction workings, instinct development, sex magick, 

    Leviathan- Obtaining the primal instinct and violent power of the subconscious; the Triune brain and the magick of spiritual self-liberation.

    Pairikas - Seductive daevas who bring man into the cult of Ahriman. Symbolized as comets. For rituals of compelling desire and interest.

    Samael -Fallen Angel associated with Mars and pre-Christian Rome. Samael is the Angel of Poison and father of Cain. For Luciferian rituals of self-liberation and accomplishment in the material world. The wisdom of the serpent.

    Savar - ArchDaeva of Ahriman, vocal articulation and word-weaving those around you to see things in your point of view.

    Shaitan - Fallen Djinn, Adversary and Spirit of Fire. Shaitan/Ibliss represents imagination. For rituals of Melek Ta'aus and seeking balance of darkness and light, logic and reason to use mysticism as an inspiration point to the gates of power and wisdom.

    Ahriman - Spirit of Darkness, the self-determined sorcerer and for those dedicated to exploring and obtaining power from the predatory and demonic aspects of nature and the self.

    Beelzebub - Lord of Flies and Divination. Use for obtaining your inherent desire, the Daemon or guiding spirit for rituals of divination. Sharpening instinct and listening to ones' "gut feelings". Beelzebub is the god of sorcerers and magickians. 

    Lucifer - the Bringer of Light, the illuminator of forbidden knowledge, the Morning and Evening Star as a balanced power of creation and destruction. Lucifer teaches self-determined, individual thought and strong character.

    Cain the Witchfather - In the Luciferian  and Traditional paths of Witchcraft, lore presents Cain, the Son of Samael and Lilith as the First Witch and Satanist. His symbolism is killing Abel, the clay of the unawakened and feeding his Demon (True Will) the blood to become the horned god and isolate God of the North. Cain is used for initiation into the devil's path of Luciferian Witchcraft.

    Baphomet - The Father of Understanding, the Goat-headed balanced power of wisdom, insight and magickial balance through initiation. 



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