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Darkness Enshroud

    Darkness Enshroud "MALEFICIUM - The Psalms of Diabolus" CD

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    Darkness Enshroud is a notorious dark ritual ambient entity created by Akhtya Nachttoter (Michael Ford) in 1993 and for the past 26 years has created some of the most chilling, haunting and diabolical dark ambient soundscapes, and this new album carries on this tradition! "MALEFICIUM - The Psalms of Diabolus" is the essence of Medieval Orthodox Satanism interpreted in this current age as a contrasting balance between myth and black magick centered in the Acasual Metaphysics of Diabolism or Satanism as is an obscure, hidden cultus within the Luciferian Tradition. Each diabolic hymn, satanic prayer and invocation conceals a deeper meaning which is parallel with the aims of the initiatory experience of Apotheosis in the Luciferian tradition! 
    CD limited to 500 copies! (No Jewel case included)
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