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Darkness Enshroud Antitrinity CD

    Darkness Enshroud "Antitrinity" CD

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    CD - Black Ambient Ritualistic 

    Part I - Antichristus Mysticus (The Spirit of the Adversary)
    Hymn to the Dragon who was cast to Earth
    The Great Red Dragon of Ten Horns
    Draco est Diabolus

    Part II – Antichristus Magnus (Transformation, Invocation & Rebirth)
    The Devil Walks the Earth as a Roaring Lion
    Sickle of Desolation (Mark of the Antichrist)
    Potestatem Habeo Suscitare Mortuos (I have the Power to Restore the Dead)

    Part III - Iniquos Praedicatores Antichristi - (Wicked Preachers of the Antichrist)
    Prayer of the Antichrist (Self-Liberation)
    Antitrinity (Dragon-Satan, 7-headed Beast-Antichrist, 2 Horned Beast-Spirit of Evil)

    Symbols of the Antitrinity:
    7-headed Dragon (Satan) God of this World
    7-headed Beast (Antichrist) Son of the Devil
    2-horned Beast (False Prophet) Spirit of Evil

    Darkness Enshroud emerges from the abyss with Akhtya Nachttoter (Michael W. Ford) creating a musical ceremony of invoking the medieval archetype of the Antitrinity and the incarnation of the Antichrist as a symbol of Luciferianism.
    Antitrinity consists of 8 compositions (associated with the 8-pointed Algol Chaos Star and the symbol of the Morning and Evening Star in Mesopotamia), each honoring and invoking a specific type of energy within the abyssic depths of the Antitrinity. 3 Parts as an Infernal Triad beholding the primal instinct, animalistic lusts, knowledge-seeking, power accumulating and conquering Satanic and Luciferian Ethos. Each part of the Antitrinity, is a specific type of infernal spirit invoked for the listener to entrench their unconscious mind. By the 8th composition the full ceremony has been performed and the Gates of Hell within have been opened.
    Medieval Antichrist traditions grew into artistic representations, richly and symbolically presenting the war-like manifestation of Satan (Lucifer) in the terrible subduing conqueror in the form of a 7-headed Red Dragon. The Dragon falls into the earth to then awaken us to savage pleasures we are born to; The 7-headed Beast (Antichrist) rises from the abyssic waters and is given power and authority by the Dragon (initiation and Apotheosis, ‘becoming a god’) and relates to the conscious mind. The 7-headed Beast assumes the anthropomorphic shape of a kingly man, he is robed and in the finest armor and is articulate and giving wealth to his subjects as he is cruel and violent to his enemies.
    Medieval apocalypse traditions centralized an “Antitrinity” opposing the Christian trinity of “God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit”. The “Antitrinity” was symbolized by “Dragon/Satan (God of this World), “Seven-headed Beast or Antichrist (Son of the Devil) and the “Two-horned Beast or False Prophet (Spirit of Evil)”. Demons who attend the will of the Antichrist are vomited in the form of 3 frogs to go forth and corrupt the weak theology of the church. These Fallen Angels inspire the path of self-liberation from dogmatic blind-faith. The Dragon and Beast hold the strength, wisdom and authority to free the spiritual slaves for the decaying Christian church.
    Using medieval apocalyptic art and literature as inspiration and source material, Akhtya Nachttoter fashioned a lyrical invocation and mass to the symbolism of the Satanic Spirit and the Antichrist. The concept of “Antichrist” tradition developed from a combination of “adversaries” of the Judeo-Christian god described in the Old and New Testaments with a focus on the Apocalypse or Revelations text. This is a journey from the depths of hell unto the earth and from the sea to manifest Luciferian and Satanic majesty upon the Christian world.

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