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Dark Light of Hecate Triple Moon & Serpent Candle Holder
Dark Light of Hecate Triple Moon & Serpent Candle Holder
Dark Light of Hecate Triple Moon & Serpent Candle Holder
Dark Light of Hecate Triple Moon & Serpent Candle Holder

    Dark Light of Hecate Triple Moon & Serpent Candle Holder

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    "For the Pagan, Witch or Black Magician who has a strong inspiration with Hecate and the syncretic alignment of lunar goddess, a beautifully fashioned 19" Inch tall Triple Moon & Serpent Candle Holder will add aesthetic of the Black Arte of Hecatian and Luciferian Witchcraft to your Altar or room décor.  This sophisticated and darksome candle holder possesses the symbolism that finds inspiration among many devotees of the dark goddess of the Crossroads and the layered-symbolism inherent. The triple moon reflects the triad of Maiden, Mother, and Crone along with the cycle and points of focus with sorcerous incantations aligning with the appropriate times of various types of magick and spells. Around the base of the candleholder are the twelve Zodiac symbols. The ascending two points of the lunar crescent near the top of the candleholder reflects the two horns of authority, power, and wisdom in the symbolism of both the depictions of the Masculine and Feminine incarnations of the God and Goddess, i.e. the Adversary in all of its' creative, motivating, strife-inspiring, healing, and destroying types of energy. Such energy that might be harnessed by the Witch or Magician who may encircle this power for internal and external willed change. The bottom crescent moon is pointed downward, thus the motto: "As Above, So Below" = Balance in Magick and Balance in the Mind. The Serpent, a symbol of the extremes of various religious and mytho-magical lore; from the Serpent that brings Forbidden Knowledge that inspires Liberation of self-awareness; the snake is also a powerful symbol of the chosen form of demonic spirits and the Arabian Jinn; the form of the Satanic Seraphim, SAMAEL, the Serpent is also a powerful and beloved agent of chaos who can bring death from its' poison. The serpent also represents Healing and Renewal as well; the Underworld reflects layered and hidden meanings that are found in the abyssic and deep Underworld within our subconscious mind. The serpent is recalling also Leviathan, the Ouroboros draconian power of the Abyss and who encircles all, a liminal force that exists between chaos and order. The snake entwines and thus connects the Triple Phases of the Moon, demonstrating that HECATE is balanced and has different types of energy that her tutelage by dream and intuition might be concentrated by our Black Magical Rites of the Triads layered with hidden knowledge at the Crossroads. The Pentagram in the center represents the Blazing Star that holds the creative inspiration inherent in the Psyche and as the Star of the Morning, that is Lucifer and Hecate Phosphorus." - Commentary by Michael W. Ford.

    PRODUCT SIZE: 8.15" X 5.43" X 19.49"

    CANDLE SIZE: Use standard 6" Inch Taper Candles (not included)

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